1. I totally agree with the “desperation and pick up race mentality”. If a position is lost there seems to be an incessant need to regain the position back before the next corner, regardless to the fact there’s still another 30 odd laps or 300 plus corners still awaiting, although not every corner is or has to be an overtaking opportunity. I personally think the mindset should be a) I don’t want to hit my opponent and b) I need to get around this corner as quick as possible, when those priorities are reversed problems may arise.

    I sent some pictures to show in all cases I left room for my opponent, I was involved in an incident previously where I was in the middle of the track and my opponent on my inside, I got tagged approaching the corner and was told maybe I didn’t leave him enough room, these previous incidents I moved to the outer edge of the track to give room, my opponent now moves to the middle of the track and I get told, maybe I didn’t give him enough room! Maybe there’s a way to get a virtual Costa at the track so I could just pull over for a coffee while the racing’s going on. Ha! Ha!

    I wouldn’t really say nothing in my mirrors is an excuse or justification but a simple reply to Bobbys suggestion of perspective.

    This is not my main league so I come here for the fun factor(?), like minded blokes enjoying their hobby. I drive in this league with a lot of noise, by that I mean ffb is high, transducers are high, volume is high and I’m…. Well anyway!! Sometimes triples, sometimes Oculus, I could strip all that back, aim for a bit higher up the grid and maybe try challenge for podiums, but all I want is an immersive night of fun racing. Serious enough to have to put the practice in, but not too serious where hours need to be spent with Motec, In other leagues I’ve had plenty of fun fighting for P8 or P9 and come away thinking this is the exact reason I spend so much time and obscene amounts of money on this hobby, and also left me feeling more rewarded than bumping my way through to a podium.

  2. Hi Bobby, Thanks for the reply mate.

    I can appreciate the perspective side of this, hence it wasn’t an expletive filled rant.

    I would probably disagree about leaving room, even though again, it’s subjective.

    My view approaching turn 4,little to nothing in mirrors.

    At turn in, clearly enough room from the apex, I left room because I had no idea where the other car was, but the other car is still in the middle of the track with space for another car plus some on the inside.

    My view second incident, nothing in mirrors.

    Again, point of contact there is clearly enough room.

    Previous incident, again, clearly enough room on the inside but car remains in the middle of the track. If you look at the tyre marks you will see the trajectory the car will take through the corner. With almost a car and a half’s space on the inside plus an open apex with no obstacle.

  3. I joined this league to get away from the madness of online multiplayer, but it seems that is very much the norm here.

    I’ve lost count the number of times I have been tagged and hit in this league (literally every single race since I started here) making my races pointless, between the first lap and a half of this race and about the same of the last, I have been hit something like 7 or 8 times ( I would expect that over 2-3 races not 2-3 laps!!) practically wrecking my races and also been totally wiped out in the practice starts, where is the race craft? To spend hours training for a race just for it to end on the first laps (Once Again!) is not worth it.

    It happens so many times, when I’m racing someone wheel to wheel approaching a corner (this week wasn’t just a corner) they race so hard into the corner, miss their braking point, miss the apex, and end up colliding, where’s the strategy behind the overtake? You can’t just wildly lunge down the inside as if your racing the AI!! Even the speed and angle of entry into the corner (on my inside) is so acute that the angle of exit means a collision is guaranteed. Against the AI you can get away with that kind of racing, very late lunge up the inside, brake really late practically blocking the track and disregarding the apex, stick the nose of the car in front and the AI back out and give you the place, but the reason people join leagues is to get away from that predictability.

    Practice race starts leave me wondering, is this actually practicing for a F1 race or demolishion derby? Surely people have put effort into practising their starts before the event because all I ever see is cars flying off track, then with regard to nobody but themselves just rejoining the track regardless of who is actually on that piece of tarmac at the time. What’s the point if you don’t really feel that making T2 unscathed is a possibility.

    Just my 2/5 of a nickels worth..

  4. I can appreciate what your saying but to quote, driving while ignoring other drivers will implicate you in touches/incidents, and then to say your first 5 laps had touches/incidents, highlights my point, I was not next to you for 5 laps so I don’t think this about me having Helicorsa installed or not, I think we could ALL do more to make the racing more enjoyable, I assume you have Helicorsa installed but still suffered 5 laps of probably avoidable contact.

    The reason I think this is more about race craft and racing etiquette is because even if I did have Helicorsa installed I would just edge a little bit more to the right of a left hand turn to avoid contact on approach which just means my opponent will edge a bit more right to get a better angle at the turn, I would!!

    As an example of race craft and etiquette, on one of the practice starts I was right behind a Red Bull I think, coming out of T5 heading up to T6, I was so close to his rear wing I could read the fitting instructions on the monkey seat attached to the back of his car, now under normal racing conditions I could have pulled out of his slip stream and challenged him into T6, but realistically that wasn’t going to end well for both of us heading into a fast corner, I would be under steering towards the outside of the track and he will be on the outside turning in to the apex carrying speed into T7 because it’s a double right hander, I’ve driven the corner enough times to know how my opponent will approach it, I’m respecting him enough to not treat him like an AI and expect him to slow down and let me through just because I have 2cm of my front wing ahead of him, if it was a medium to slow corner I would have challenged him on the brakes going in no doubt.

    Now my point being when are these decisions being made? Are they right at the apex when by all sense and purpose it’s too late now, brakes are locked and the inevitable happens, or 300 meters from the turn I’ve already decided if I pull out I’m not going to get clean in front of him to be able to control his speed through the turn, so now I’m already thinking about inside T8, inside T11, or as close as possible for T13 for the drag up the hill. Like I said previously, not every corner is or has to be an overtaking opportunity.

    With respect to taking care of others, I treat one and all the same, from aliens to newbies, we’re all part of the same community, we were all newbies once, and when I grow up I want to be as quick as an alien, (Joke, I’m in the 40+ bracket, but I want to be as quick as alien though!!)