1. Yep, your right about the flag. I changed my name from Alarisico into Alarisico(Al).
    Impossible name to pronounce. In dutch is ok of courca.
    Thx .
    Shame you didn’t finish the race. Next week revenge!! :-)

  2. `Was nice to drive with y’áll!

    I had it all wrong with the fuel so had to pit in lap 27, grrr!
    But still finished 8.
    See ya in Japan!

    Ps: I miss my Dutch flag before my name in the League Standings.
    Only a ? mark! I surely have to respect the flag! :-)

  3. Hello,

    Time to introduce myself after some post about the mandatory downloads.
    My name is Alarisico but Al is also good! So you can call me Al, if you want to ;)
    I am a new member and i have some race experience with Iracing and ProjectCrash(in the past). I haven’t played Assetto Corsa since a few weeks and a few hours in the past. Therefore i don’t know much about the game and will have some questions now and then if.. y’all don’t mind ;)
    I am 40+ and hope to find people who enjoy clean racing.
    Open wheel racing is my favorite but also Lmp1/2 is tip-top.

    Thanks for the Site Leaders, League Organisers, contributors and Neys(Ptracker, i think?) for the clear and good overview of information. Also laptimes, standings, etc. I like it!

    Well then….
    I’ll be seeing you at Sepang.. I hope i can keep up!


    Question: Is this the way to choose the skinpacks for wednesday??
    I would like the skinpack from,
    1: FtF Jordan – Yellow – black
    2: FtF Renault – Sky blue-yellow
    3: FtF Toro Rosso – Blue-red

    Or do i have to fill it in somewhere else? (I have downloaded the skin packs of coursa:)

  4. Hello,
    A question about the F2004 Physics download.
    It says you should rename Kunos file to data.acd.kunos first.
    Wich is the Kunos file exactly?
    Do i have to rename the file “data.acd” into “data.acd.kunos”?
    Or do i have to rename the file: “ferrari_f2004.kn5” into “data.acd.kunos”?

    Help would be much appreciated.
    Greetings, Alarisico