1. Hi all, Can you put me in as a guest driver? I’ll try to attend most races but there will be races i can’t because of work. Looks very interesting, track and car choice.
    Don’t mind which car as long as it aint pink! :-)

  2. Sorry Storm that was me. I always brake between the 150-100 meter bord after the long straight to get a better exit for the next straight. I saw that your braking point was somewhere between 100-50 meter bord. I just can’t make it if i brake later. Trail braking is something i am learning, so sorry for the unpleasant surprise. It was not intentional. It also happend before(Mexico i think). You where behind me and all of a sudden i saw you fling bye and locking your brakes after a straight. Same situation.
    My only defense is that i am not as fast as you! :(

  3. Amereto: Your not fair dude! Dropbox file 5. You cut your team mate in turn 3(after the straight) making me crash almost into your car. I only could pass you on the right, over the curbs. I just made it and you decide to hit the gas and push me off the track on the same corner/straight. You should have gone to the left after I nearly hit you and had to pass you on the right. It’s a nice panorama screenshot:) but there I had already spun off the track because you didn’t leave me any room before. I had to go far over the white line and because off it my back spun out because my rear right wheels where over the curbs. I was beside you, just nearly at the end but you should have giving me far more space. I will go even further: You just had an accident with Olivier so you should be extra careful when going onto the track and not trying at all cost to not let me pass. I was with almost four wheels over the line and on the curbs and over and your back was still beside me at the end. That’s why I spun!! Please take a look at your own driving behavior. I try to leave always room for others and if I see someone is a sec. faster than me per lap I will let him pass. And if I have an accident, I will let cars pass if it’s not save to enter the track. But it’s always the other one fault eh?! Also understand that some people don’t drive with triple screens, so it’s some times very hard to see where the other is. And I use Helicorse but that doesn’t works always. So I always leave lot of room if I am not sure.

  4. Yep, your right about the flag. I changed my name from Alarisico into Alarisico(Al).
    Impossible name to pronounce. In dutch is ok of courca.
    Thx .
    Shame you didn’t finish the race. Next week revenge!! :-)

  5. `Was nice to drive with y’áll!

    I had it all wrong with the fuel so had to pit in lap 27, grrr!
    But still finished 8.
    See ya in Japan!

    Ps: I miss my Dutch flag before my name in the League Standings.
    Only a ? mark! I surely have to respect the flag! :-)

  6. Hello,

    Time to introduce myself after some post about the mandatory downloads.
    My name is Alarisico but Al is also good! So you can call me Al, if you want to ;)
    I am a new member and i have some race experience with Iracing and ProjectCrash(in the past). I haven’t played Assetto Corsa since a few weeks and a few hours in the past. Therefore i don’t know much about the game and will have some questions now and then if.. y’all don’t mind ;)
    I am 40+ and hope to find people who enjoy clean racing.
    Open wheel racing is my favorite but also Lmp1/2 is tip-top.

    Thanks for the Site Leaders, League Organisers, contributors and Neys(Ptracker, i think?) for the clear and good overview of information. Also laptimes, standings, etc. I like it!

    Well then….
    I’ll be seeing you at Sepang.. I hope i can keep up!


    Question: Is this the way to choose the skinpacks for wednesday??
    I would like the skinpack from,
    1: FtF Jordan – Yellow – black
    2: FtF Renault – Sky blue-yellow
    3: FtF Toro Rosso – Blue-red

    Or do i have to fill it in somewhere else? (I have downloaded the skin packs of coursa:)

  7. Hello,
    A question about the F2004 Physics download.
    It says you should rename Kunos file to data.acd.kunos first.
    Wich is the Kunos file exactly?
    Do i have to rename the file “data.acd” into “data.acd.kunos”?
    Or do i have to rename the file: “ferrari_f2004.kn5” into “data.acd.kunos”?

    Help would be much appreciated.
    Greetings, Alarisico