AC F2004 League – Malaysian GP

Sepang – 28 Laps

Replay: F2004 Malaysian GP Replay (436 downloads)

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Jan Frajbis Williams01:33.833 45:18.747 25
2 Storm_Cloud Force India01:33.883 +10.225 18
3 Marcelinho Renault101:34.183 +36.020 15
4 BobbyDeacs Force India21:36.690 +58.219 12
5 coret3x Red Bull21:34.732 +1:05.970 10
6 Olivier Prenten Ferrari11:35.202 +58.365 8
7 Amereto Ferrari11:36.309 +1:31.725 6
8 Alarisico(Al) Jordan31:36.171 +1 Lap 5
9 Kost Church Red Bull31:37.735 +1 Lap 4
10 Jakkinen Williams61:34.555 +2 Laps 3
11 CMR_18 McLaren21:37.538 DNF (+10L) 0
12 Raven Renault91:35.503 DNF (+20L) 0
14 Bunta Jaguar41:55.042 DNF (+27L) 0
  • Join “Discord” and practice on server any time before start.
  • 3x practice starts at 20:30 CET (19:30 UK)’
  • 15 min qualifying immediately afterwards followed by race’

Air temperature: 31 degs (+/-2 degs). Track temperature: Air +7 degs (+/-2 degs)

Downloads for this event:

AC FtF Rules App (v4.2, 1756 downloads) F2004 Physics (1146 downloads) “data.acd”
F2004 Skin Pack (983 downloads)  AC Sepang Track (151 downloads)

** Pitlane Rules:  Will be enforced. Practise getting your speed down to 80kph/50mph before the limiter kicks in please.

17 thoughts on “AC F2004 League – Malaysian GP

  1. Hello,
    A question about the F2004 Physics download.
    It says you should rename Kunos file to data.acd.kunos first.
    Wich is the Kunos file exactly?
    Do i have to rename the file “data.acd” into “data.acd.kunos”?
    Or do i have to rename the file: “ferrari_f2004.kn5” into “data.acd.kunos”?

    Help would be much appreciated.
    Greetings, Alarisico

  2. The existing file in there (the original) should be renamed to data.acd.kunos or data.acd.orig – so you don’t lose their version. Then put our data.acd in there.

  3. Super race. This car is a belter.

    Had a poor first lap and lost a lot of time in traffic but once I got into 2nd I had a great race with Jan even though I never saw him and couldn’t close the gap. Think I was a bit skinny on downforce.

  4. `Was nice to drive with y’áll!

    I had it all wrong with the fuel so had to pit in lap 27, grrr!
    But still finished 8.
    See ya in Japan!

    Ps: I miss my Dutch flag before my name in the League Standings.
    Only a ? mark! I surely have to respect the flag! :-)

  5. Well, my race ended on Lap 1 with a crash , but did some nice laps then had a pitstop glitch that made me do 2 pit stops at once, I had a full tank but not enough to go to the end. So when i saw Jakki had run out of fuel i decided to push him back to the pits as at this point i could also pit and go to the end :P but then i crash and spin so DNF

  6. Yep, your right about the flag. I changed my name from Alarisico into Alarisico(Al).
    Impossible name to pronounce. In dutch is ok of courca.
    Thx .
    Shame you didn’t finish the race. Next week revenge!! :-)

  7. Made a one-stop and it “just” paid off, did feel like a sitting-duck though.

    I think the balance with fuel/pitstop timing etc is perfect and puts 1-2 stops within seconds of one-another – this is gonna be a good season for us all, the car Kunos has made is not accurate (it has way too much grip for the era) but its great fun.

  8. The race was fun.
    But it was new track and new car for me,and didnt know where the pit entrance was.I rode where i thought it was,but it threw me instantly in the pit and gave me 1lap+.Times not so good,setup also,but it still was much fun.Im gonna watch your backs next week :D

    • Sounds like you found a track glitch, but pitstops are always an issue when you start. Wait til you overrun the box, then reverse, then forget you’re in reverse and pull away backwards – doubt there’s anyone who hasn’t done that :)

  9. I skipped quali, like i did through last year. This time i was 50-50, but after not so promising practice starts, i decided to start from the back.
    Made also a one-stop, but the car felt mostly great. Despite one unfortunate crash and two very surprising spins in the fast section (maybe because of hot rears) it would turn out to be a podium finish. Pace was really good, considering most front runners did two-stoppers.
    Looking foward to Suzuka, one of my favourite tracks.

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