AC SF70H League Sign-Up

Hello all,

We are pleased to announce the start of a new league in Assetto Corsa using the SF70-H from the Ferrari 70th Anniversary Pack, with modded physics to fix the wear/temps and add some spice to the handling.

The first race is at Spa on Wednesday 24th January, with a pre-season practice race on the 17th. The full race calendar is presented above.

See the SF70H League menu at the top of the page for links to the league results, standings and guidelines for the car.

League info:

  • Races on Wednesdays starting 20:30 Central European Summer Time.
  • Event format: 3x practice starts, then 15 min qualifying and 50% race distance.
  • Best 8 out of 9 results count for the championship. Top 12 finishers score points.


  • 200% tyre wear, 200% fuel usage, refuelling is impractical at 10 secs per litre!
  • DRS is also allowed and the latest version of the ACRL DRS App (V1.03) will be required to guide and monitor its correct usage.
  • All assists are disabled.
  • 3 tyre compounds will be available each race (based on suitability for track/conditions).
  • Each competitor will start the race on the softest compound available, subsequent pitstops have no restrictions on tyre choice.
  • Speeding in the pit lane will be treated as a corner-cut – or worse depending on severity.
  • Jump start rules enabled.


Drivers should also read the league rules.

If you would like to participate, please post a comment and state your preferred skin(s) (from those remaining) and a teammate if applicable.

Confirmed Teams/Drivers:

  1. Bobby, Storm Cloud Force India
  2. Jan, Oli Ferrari
  3. CMR, Roody Mclaren
  4. Monolith, Elgurke Red Bull
  5. Al, Ali Renault
  6. Coretex, Church Toro Rosso
  7. RBK, VSX Mercedes
  8. Husky Williams
  9. Mostafa Sauber Alfa
  10. Matias, Pigeun Haas

Registered Guest Drivers:

  1. Thomas
  2. Penguin
  3. HelplessGoat
  4. Marcelinho
  5. Raven
  6. Dewald Nel
  7. Ninja
  8. Haky
  9. Ruben Clavero

Honorary Guest Drivers:

  1. Yuck
  2. Rhobium
  3. JJ
  4. The Polecat
  5. Sir Rob

Skins still available:

Williams (1), Sauber Alfa (1), Haas (1)

*** EVEN WHEN WE RUN OUT OF SKINS, PLACES ARE STILL AVAILABLE. We are waiting in anticipation for the 2017 Sauber and also have some ideas of our own ***

53 thoughts on “AC SF70H League Sign-Up

    • Provisionally TR, but what about a “Flag-to-Flag” skin? Edit- sorry, Mclaren, especially as we don’t have a “purple” TR available this season.

  1. I want to race together with my brother (ELgurke) in a team. Preferred cars in the following order would be Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes, Renault and McLaren.

    I’d like to have the #17 and ELgurke wants #18.

  2. lets go! Im in. Mclaren if free, (you know, I can have a excuse if I have no powaaaa! XD)
    If its not free, I dont really care about the skin, ill be fine with any of them :P

  3. I would like to come. Its going to be my first league in this site so im very exited. Prefered skin in order is: Mercedes, Haas, Williams,Toro Rosso.

  4. Hi guys, I am probably not able to drive the first couple of races. Maybe I will join a few races later in the season as a guest. Anyway, I wish all of you good luck this new season.

  5. Hi I’d like to join as a guest driver, can only do the first couple of races and maybe one other cause NZ time zones and school get in the way. I’m all good with any skin.

  6. Hello, I’d like to join this league. I’m from Poland, I have experience in professional Polish leagues, including Royal Racing (VSX is head admin there)

    • Welcome Carles, we like “ready made” racers. We are doing a couple of informal races tomorrow evening.

      Do you want to be teammates (Edit – with VSX!!)?

    • Yeah, I would certainly like to, he is fantastic guy :D
      The only Polish team would be fantastic

    • Good stuff – make sure you have all the apps and the data.acd and join us on server any time for practice – just put “Flag” into server search. Password is on Discord which is used for all race communications. Discord link is on the right.

  7. Haas is available, will update server later. Important stuff – Discord is used for all pre-race comms – not speaking is an option, but not listening (apart from when I’m waffling) isn’t :) – Link on right.

    ACRL DRS app – use our version. FtF Rules app also mandatory. Server can be found by typing “flag” into search. Hope you can make Spa.

  8. sorry guys, but i’m out from the league :( I can’t drive F1 car in Assetto Corsa, and i don’t want kill somebody in the race, so it will be better, when i stay in GT cars.
    Sorry one more time and good luck with the league :/

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