Ali Gocmen

  1. Firstly, I didn’t like the car yet. I didn’t drive too much but the front of the car is too soft for my part. Seems like aero settings doesn’t effect so much things. Or I didn’t understand the car. Also screen of steering wheel is too bad. There is no information about ers usage in a lap. Is there?

    I have crashed a few times at Albert Park. I wasn’t have the concentration to finish the race. I hope I will be back to challenge beginning from Sakhir.

  2. Well done to Monolith. Pole, win and fastest lap in same race.

    I think I wouldn’t race this season because I have FPS issue. It was also in Spa and I couldn’t fix it. There was same story in Monza. When I’m alone on the track there is no problem but with other cars it is undriveable. My graphics card is rubbish and it seems that its performance not enough for that mod car.

    I hope I will back next season.

  3. It was no way to battle with leaders. There was a huge pace different. I raced with Bob. I repaired the car at pit-stop and he past me. And then I touched outside kerb at final turn and I spun. I drove here for first time and enjoyed. Congratulations to Kost for deserved win.

  4. My computer was shut down because probably GPU temp was too high. It was not good race race than I expected. I think restart is not doing better. We have to start once and everyone save oneself. Chaos is a part of racing. Note: I was stuck in chaos at first two start. :)

    Raven’s starts were too slower. We had contact and he dropped back. I don’t know what happened at turn 1. I need to watch replay. There was a huge pressure from Robin in first laps. After pit-stop Raven was catching me but I lost the connection.

  5. Good racing but no result for me. It was enjoyable race with a full grid. So full that someone else drove my new ferrari :) My strategy was one pit-stop but it was not right decision clearly. Coret3x past me and come to the pits for his second while I come for my first. In the end cars was flying on my screen then Church who was behind me spun. I thought my ping is high then I stopped the car.

  6. It was a good season. Big congratulations for Jan and Storm_Cloud, they showed us amazing battle in front. In the middle group we made good battles with Monolith, Elgurke, Bob, coret3x and Olivier. I enjoyed it. Finally many thanks to the organisers for their work. See you all next season!

  7. I was at circuit 2 hours before the start of the race. I could not make long stints. I had no idea about tyres. I just made a few minor changes in setup. Despite all this, I had strong pace and I loved that.

    Obviously I could not follow the rules because I came to race at the last minute. I learned that the race start with US at the start. I did not know about using DRS within 1 sec. I had downloaded the DRS application but it was not open on my screen. I used DRS in first couple of laps as illegal. Then I catch the warning beep coming from apps and understood the situation. When I opened the application I saw that I used DRS 6 times. I apologize to all the driivers for this.

  8. Although I came at mid season, it was an enjoyable season. Fun and fair racing. I enjoyed it. The number of drivers has decreased a bit towards the last race but I hope the next season will increase again. I could not concentrate at the races probably due to I joined later. I hope next season will be different for me.

  9. I could not gain traction at exit of turn 7 so overtaking was impossible. I had two small contact with you and Storm Cloud luckily there were no big effects. And big congratulations to coret3x. He had good setup and strategy. Really good work.