AC RSS Hybrid 18 League – Australian GP

Replay: RSS18 Australian GP Replay (637 downloads)

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Storm_Cloud Force India11:23.908 42:01.728 25
2 Jan Frajbis Ferrari11:24.081 +14.425 18
3 BobbyDeacs Force India01:23.987 +20.388 15
4 Seymohre Toro Rosso11:25.711 +41.511 12
5 Kost Church Toro Rosso21:23.810 +42.877 10
6 Albano Pensionisti Sauber21:25.815 +1:19.735 8
7 Graphyx Sauber11:26.571 +1 Lap 6
8 Šimon Hertneky Ferrari41:25.448 +2 Laps 5
9 Ali Gocmen Haas01:27.557 DNF (+22L) 0
  • Join “Discord” and practice on server any time before start.
  • 3x practice starts.
  • 15 min qualifying.
  • 29 lap race starting on Ultrasofts and with enough fuel to get to the end.

Tyres available: Ultras, Supers & Softs. Temps: Air 22 degs (+/-2) Track +7 degs (+/-2)

Downloads for this event:

  1. Apps: ACRL DRS App (2702 downloads)  AC FtF Rules App (v4.2, 2170 downloads) FtF Safety Car App (397 downloads)
  2. Cars: RSS 2018 S1 Hybrid  Physics: RSS Hybrid 2018 S1 Physics (1418 downloads)
  3. Track:  AC Melbourne 2018 Track (558 downloads) Extra skins currently here: Race Department 

** Pit Entry Speeding Rules WILL be enforced – please practise getting your speed down to 50mph/80kph before the limiter kicks in. ** SORRY FOR THIS LATE CHANGE, BUT IT’S NOT FAIR FOR THOSE IN 1ST PIT BOXES IF WE ALLOW IT HERE ** 

15 thoughts on “AC RSS Hybrid 18 League – Australian GP

  1. name2=Flag

    That’s the correct name of server for DRS app?

    EDIT : Ah nevermind, dont need the full server name.

  2. If anyone’s having trouble, the zip I loaded didn’t have the 2018 RSS car in the list. 2017 car is there so just one digit to edit but in case anyone else is struggling.

  3. Hope everyone has seen the note about the pit lane entry – wouldn’t want someone creaming into the back of me!

    There are a few different strategies that could work here, that always makes the race interesting. Certainly a bit of management needed on the tyres; that’s good too.

  4. Enjoyable race, more cerebral than action packed. After securing 2nd at T1 I treated the race like real F1 and gave myself a “delta” laptime to hit as I knew what speed would keep the tyres in good shape for 7 laps. I was greatly helped by having DRS so I could cruise in certain corners to keep the tyre temps down as Jan was going around the same pace.

    I saved so much tyre that the first lap after Jan pitted (so lap 6) was the fastest of that stint. The overcut didn’t work (didn’t expect it to), however Jan was right there and there were plenty of laps to await the opening. Got it a few laps later when Jan was slow out Turn 12 and with DRS I could get to the outside and then did the old “switcheroo” on the exit.

    Apart from a backmarker spinning in front of me a lap or two later I could again drive the pace to a reasonable delta and keep it safe, which was good because I had a few practice goes at Supersoft stints but crashed every time.

    I’ll post my thoughts on the tyres in the setup section.

  5. Happy about my race, I didn’t have any expectations about this race. Luckily I saved intact from the sandwich in t1, found myself in middle of 2 cars. Had same pace as saymohre in front of me at the first laps but his strategy of one stop looks have worked better. Happy I didn’t make stupid mistakes :)

  6. Almost happy with mine, felt very nervous at start for some reason and was locking-up all over the place (it’s self-replicating once it starts). Slowly got into a rhythm and by then the leaders were long gone. Shame as my pace at the end showed that I could have given Jan a run for his money as he was struggling with the supers. He’ll sort it out, but it’s encouraging to see the fast guys struggle occasionally.

    Great to see so many different strategies. None of them are ever perfect, which is what I like most about our set up.

  7. The 3x practice starts was good learning, as it was my first race i didnt know the “crash” physics when cars hit the wall they bounced much much more into the track than i was used to, so that was an eye opener, also happy to not destroy somones race with a crash :)

  8. Firstly, I didn’t like the car yet. I didn’t drive too much but the front of the car is too soft for my part. Seems like aero settings doesn’t effect so much things. Or I didn’t understand the car. Also screen of steering wheel is too bad. There is no information about ers usage in a lap. Is there?

    I have crashed a few times at Albert Park. I wasn’t have the concentration to finish the race. I hope I will be back to challenge beginning from Sakhir.

    • In my opinion the front ARB looks to affect a lot the stiffness of the front. and i use the gears app for the ERS usage. i just put it on top-speed though and don’t mess with it during the race.

  9. The RSS only has the total battery on the main screen, not the per lap usage. I downloaded the F1 2011 HUD which has the ERS per lap on it. I moved that to the left so only the ERS by lap is shown on the screen, so the revs, gears etc that are also on the HUD not seen.

    As for setup, post a question in the Discord setups channel and we can all have a chat about it :)

  10. There is an alternate steering wheel layout which has the lap usage on it, you get this one by “turning the headlights on”, which I’m guessing you can do with this car even though there aren’t any. Curiously if I recall correctly, I dont think this one has gear or speed on it.

    Intelliboost, if you use it, has a lap % left on it – pretty small mind. F1 2011 HUD sounds best though.

  11. Yeah, it’s on the second screen, but that’s a pain in the arse. Apart from anything else I’m pretty much out of buttons.

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