AC SF70H League – Belgian GP

Replay: SF70H Belgian GP Replay (601 downloads)

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Blessed44 Sauber Alfa01:46.290 39:42.621 25
2 Jan Frajbis Ferrari01:45.504 +2.564 18
3 Storm_Cloud Force India11:45.116 +29.638 15
4 Olivier Prenten Ferrari31:47.124 +41.841 12
5 Ali Gocmen Renault11:45.445 +33.365 10
6 coret3x Toro Rosso51:46.838 +51.377 8
7 BobbyDeacs Force India11:46.059 +51.854 6
8 Alarisico(Al) Renault51:47.294 +1:44.977 5
9 Husky Williams01:47.173 +1:46.601 4
10 Kost Church Toro Rosso01:47.306 +1:47.091 3
11 VSX500 Mercedes81:44.667 DNF (+4L) 2
12 RBK Mercedes71:47.323 DNF (+11L) 0
13 Matias Arola Haas11:49.884 DNF (+9L) 0
14 CMR_18 Mclaren01:49.985 DNF (+13L) 0
  • Join “Discord” and practice on server any time before start.
  • 3x practice starts at 20:30 CET (19:30 UK)
  • 15 min qualifying immediately afterwards
  • 22 lap race starting on Ultras and with enough fuel to get to the end.

Tyres available: Ultras, Supers & Softs.

Air temperature: 18 degs (+/-2 degs). Track temperature: Air +7 degs (+/-2 degs)

Downloads for this event:-

  1. Apps: ACRL DRS App (2469 downloads)  AC FtF Rules App (v4.2, 2043 downloads)
  2. Car: SF70-H Physics (1386 downloads) “data.acd”  SF70-H Skin Pack (1263 downloads)

** Pit Entry Speeding Rules:  Will NOT be enforced. 

20 thoughts on “AC SF70H League – Belgian GP

  1. When I watch the timing stats I wonder how can most of our league drivers compete against other having the time to run 225 laps per track… Anyway I will do my best. :)

  2. The only way i could do 200 laps is if i have a free weekend which is rare,, i’m gonna prac for 1.5h now.. only practice i have :D

  3. I was at circuit 2 hours before the start of the race. I could not make long stints. I had no idea about tyres. I just made a few minor changes in setup. Despite all this, I had strong pace and I loved that.

    Obviously I could not follow the rules because I came to race at the last minute. I learned that the race start with US at the start. I did not know about using DRS within 1 sec. I had downloaded the DRS application but it was not open on my screen. I used DRS in first couple of laps as illegal. Then I catch the warning beep coming from apps and understood the situation. When I opened the application I saw that I used DRS 6 times. I apologize to all the driivers for this.

  4. Terrible blunder at the start took the shine off things, but there was good hard racing to be had.

    Oh dear though, my start. I managed to slip in my chair and slipped off the pedals. Utter confusion, random foot stabbing and then crash. I ruined at least one other person’s race so can only apologise, no excuses.

    Stopped after lap 1 because I had a lot damage, I was always going to pit stupidly early anyway and there was a snake of 5 or 6 six cars all fighting like mad ahead. Good pace on the softs, but the damage repairs at both stops plus my delays at the start plus the time lost when I nearly overtook three cars in one go around the outside of Blanchimont but just got clipped by the last one meant I couldn’t make all that time up and the extra pitstop.

    Great car, great track and the tyres were interesting too – really big gaps in the times depending on where you were in your strategy.

  5. Big opportunity thrown away by me as my race pace was spot-on “for a change”. Alas, I spent 10 laps stuck in traffic (even after diving out of the traffic on lap 3 to find some space) and lost 2 – 3 seconds per lap. I won’t be running medium downforce here again. Anyway, great/frustrating (delete as applicable) fun trying to find a way past Husky that didn’t involve him sailing back past me again on the Kammel straight.

    Stewarding will tell-all, but overall I’m quite proud of the way you all drove :)

    RE: CAR CHANGES FOR NEXT WEEK – I have calmed down the fronts in particular, but unless I reduce downforce we are still going to get these big spikes in the high speed corners – Kunos are too clever for me with this thing called “physics”…. but I think these tyres make it really interesting especially with so many high-speed tracks this season.

    For normal people who enjoy life :) please stop reading this now, but for those who are interested, here’s what I did/tried to do with the tyres>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>-

    There are 3 co-efficients of friction you can adjust – I would describe them roughly as follows (though I am no physicist) – 1) “Traction” – friction through braking and accelerating (they call this one SURFACE_ROLLING, but really it’s traction) – 2) “Rolling” – I would call this “longitudinal” friction, heat built up by driving fast over the tarmac 3) “Friction” – more to do with lateral grip – if the car doesn’t slide, the heat has to go somewhere.

    I figured quite logically that reducing 3) and increasing 1) & 2) would give me the desired effect of calming the tyres in high-speed corners. However after a lot of tuning & testing, even running 2) & 3) on zero and 1) “Traction” at a high-level, the overall results were very similar. Yes I drove out of the pits and by the end of the Kammel straight I had silly hot rears and freezing cold fronts, but by the time I had gone through Pouhon the fronts had gone crazy too – and a LOT more than the rears!

    So back to square one! I kept the values as they were (which was basically the Kunos values, but I have 5 of them instead of 2 as Kunos were too lazy to make 5 “truly” different compounds.

    Next I started to play with the heat transfer. Loosely speaking, there are two coefficients here:- 1) the heat transfer rate to the rubber in the tyre and 2) the rate of transfer from the rubber to the air/gas inside the tyre. By reducing 2) I managed to get more consistent results as this had the overall effect of warming and cooling the core temperatures in a slower and more progressive manner. They will take a bit longer to warm up, but probably not even enough to notice. This is what I stuck with in the end.

    I could of course, simply reduce the overall heat and get them perfect for Spa – that was never going to be a problem, but the issue then is that even the Ultras could not get up to operating temperature on tracks like Monaco, Singapore & Abu Dhabi and I want our car to be better not worse than the Kunos version in this respect.

    Anyway, now I have “some” insight into how difficult this is for Pirelli and that’s for sure why they went for much harder compounds last season, just to give themselves a break!

    Edit – I could also have widened the operating ranges, but that’s a bit of a cop-out. Still an option though.

  6. Intersesting. As simracer we all want perfect tyre physics as they are the link to the general FFB behavious. I have done few laps on RA with your adapted .acd and I have to admit the feeling is really good. Otherwise the widening option should be tested during long stings.

  7. Not quite sure why I felt the need to get that off my chest, just so frustrating trying everything for hours and not finding it working quite as I expected.

  8. Good race overall , felt kinda bad to hold up Deacon after i had a slip up at malmedy which caused some quite bad aero damage on my part which had me struggeling in the corners quite a lot and meant i held off deacon in the corners and with a low aero set-up meant deacon couldn’t get past me in the straights.. Could have been a race long battle if my car wasn’t messed up i believe but nevertheless.. A very enjoyable race!

  9. Imagine how difficult it will be to overtake in RA. :)
    I reviewed my opinion about RA. It is a pure insane but so funny layout. I wonder how many DNF we will have at the end because driving at a descent pace with full tank is a real challenge… ;)

  10. Concerning last race, expect a lot of work for stewards. According stracker, only 2 drivers among the grid didn’t have contact/collision(s) with other participants…

    • I didn’t see too much on the video stream, just a couple of key incidents. There is more lag on the list than I have seen for a long time though.

  11. Congrats to Mostafa from me too. Joining a pretty exclusive club of drivers who’ve won on their FtF league debut :)

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