AC SF70H League – German GP

Replay: SF70H German GP Replay (592 downloads)

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Jan Frajbis Ferrari01:29.969 46:10.366 25
2 Storm_Cloud Force India01:29.615 +3.119 18
3 Blessed44 Sauber Alfa01:30.290 +21.698 15
4 BobbyDeacs Force India11:31.019 +47.850 12
5 Kost Church Toro Rosso21:30.284 +49.067 10
6 coret3x Toro Rosso41:31.778 +1:06.975 8
7 Monolith Red Bull11:31.198 +1:15.694 6
8 ELgurke Red Bull11:31.059 +1:21.773 5
9 Olivier Prenten Ferrari31:31.056 +1:32.533 4
10 RBK Mercedes61:31.350 DNF (+9L) 0
  • Join “Discord” and practice on server any time before start.
  • 3x practice starts at 20:30 CET (19:30 UK)
  • 15 min qualifying immediately afterwards
  • 30 lap race starting on Supersofts and with enough fuel to get to the end.

Tyres available: Supersofts, Softs & Mediums.

Air temperature: 22 degs (+/-2 degs). Track temperature: Air +7 degs (+/-2 degs)

Downloads for this event:-

  1. Apps: ACRL DRS App (2469 downloads)  AC FtF Rules App (v4.2, 2043 downloads)
  2. Car: SF70-H Physics (1386 downloads) “data.acd”  SF70-H Skin Pack (1263 downloads)

** Pit Entry Speeding Rules:  Will NOT be enforced. 

13 thoughts on “AC SF70H League – German GP

  1. Fun race at start holding off the fast boys and seeing Jan struggle ahead of me for a change. Came in a lap after teammate to make sure track was clear. Was having the most boring race of my life then (not that it was a problem at all) when I got the 2 second screen-freeze and the screen came back to life in the gravel pit. Lost 7 seconds which was perfect to bring Church right on my tail for the last lap, so lots of stress watching him reel me in.

  2. sorry i couldnt make it, got a bit busy and missed the race start! shame as i like the nurb. but i will be looking forward to the stream and video to see what happened

  3. Such a great car. Not a great start once more and it was my wife again. She came in from work and scared the crap out of me. I was in front by then so just tried to steer out of the way whilst shooing away the missus. Hope I didn’t get in anyone’s way. At least I lost less time than when she forgot her key :)

    Anyway, mostafa9c was at the back as well so I followed him through the field and as we came up on Bobby then mostafa9c had a bit of a spin so 3rd place. Then 2nd with DRS and after the stops had too much time to make up so no fight for the win. Some good close racing through the field; only one questionable move on me, but great fun overall. See you in Korea!

    • I said it just after the race, what the hell was storm doing again?! :D But great recovery, also from mostafa9c after clash in T1. I was struggling a lot in 1st stint and I really dont have explanation for it, just terrible. I had one fight with RBK, when he tried to overtake me on DRS. I still really don´t know what happened. I let him some space inside, we didn´t touch, he spun and was out so I kept going.

      In 2nd stint it was much better so i picked up the pace, in the end it was just about taking car home. 한국에서 보자 :)

  4. Same for me. 1st stint was very difficult and no explanation to provide. I didn’t trust the feeling of the car. I lost rear several times at T1 exit which cost me A lot!. 2nd stint, all of a sudden I could attack and made no mistake during 15 laps, but for nuts… well a P9 :/

  5. My race was good and quite intersting and busy.Only mistake was two pitstops,but i did not feel confident on SS,maybe due to i still learning to make a decent setup or lack of skill.At the end i was trying to cath Bobby for about 5laps…but maybe next time :)
    @Storm_Cloud-this key action was hilarious :D
    greets to you all

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