AC SF71H League – German GP

Replay: SF71H German GP Replay (566 downloads)

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Storm_Cloud Force India11:13.287 42:58.063 25
2 Syntax Haas11:12.904 +21.882 18
3 BobbyDeacs Force India11:13.759 +23.346 15
4 Kost Church Toro Rosso11:13.089 +32.713 12
5 coret3x Toro Rosso01:13.115 +33.920 10
6 ELgurke Mclaren11:14.158 +1:07.825 8
7 Super Mayo Sauber Alfa21:14.637 +1 Lap 6
8 Dragon4red8 Ferrari21:13.958 +1 Lap 5
9 Ali Gocmen Ferrari31:15.327 DNF (+18L) 0
10 Albano Pensionisti Sauber21:17.154 DNF (+20L) 0
11 nitjsefni 0 DNF (+34L) 0

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  • Join “Discord” and practice on server any time before start.
  • 3x practice starts.
  • 15 min qualifying.
  • 34 lap race starting on Ultras and with enough fuel to get to the end.

Tyres available: Ultras, Softs, Mediums.

Air temperature: 23 degs (+/-2 degs). Track temperature: Air +7 degs (+/-2 degs)

Downloads for this event:

  1. Apps: ACRL DRS App (2469 downloads)  AC FtF Rules App (v4.2, 2043 downloads) FtF Safety Car App (365 downloads)
  2. Cars: SF70-H Physics (1386 downloads) “data.acd” AC F1 Safety car (1547 downloads) SF70-H Skin Pack (1263 downloads)
  3. Track: AC Hockenheim Track (396 downloads)

** Pit Entry Speeding Rules WILL be enforced, please practice getting your speed down to 50mph/80kph before the limiter kicks in.

13 thoughts on “AC SF71H League – German GP

    • Don’t worry. I’m back from vacation and ready to race at my home GP. Looking forward to some midfield action

  1. When they changed the track, like Spa, they didn’t ruin it. It’s a different type of track to the old one but still fun to drive.

    • Apart from Mexico, Tilke’s efforts to destroy the classic tracks have all failed IMO – the guy is so talentless, he can’t even ruin things properly.

    • Apart from the stadium it was three long straights with generic chicanes. Might be the gatekeeping from the older generation :D Even though in my early racing games I drove the old one I like the new Hockenheim better.

      Even Monza is more fun than the old Hockenheim. What do people like about the old one? Not meant to start a discussion about opinions though, just curious

    • New Hockenheim is way better than the old one, though I do think there’s enough land there to have done something far more imaginative.

      Apparently, I’m not as slow here as I used to be either – not quite sure what’s going on there either – will find out Weds.

  2. Posting some info regarding two apps:

    1) ACRL DRS: If you want to use ProTyres
    To make this app work simultaneously with ProTyres, you need an updated lib\ file. Download it from here . Save it to apps\acrl_drs\lib folder (I guess you need to overwrite the old file).

    2) To prevent OSRW app to whine about pit speeding (giving you a flag and penalty), just alter the python file in the app: Open and search for “pitlaneSpeedingTolerance” Set the line to
    pitlaneSpeedingTolerance = 400 # km/h

    This will make the app no longer care about your pit entrance. The admins use the FTF app anyways for pit speeding detection. If you dont bother to edit the file yourself, you can download it fully edited from here:

  3. the race for me – struggled with tyres a bit on 1st two stints, probably over-driving. Coretex got past me eventually on both stints, but I dived in a lap early each time and got the jump back on him.

    Final stint, we suddenly had company ahead of us in the form of Syntax & Church then a very unfortunate collision between Coretex and Church put me in 3rd hunting down Syntax on the last few laps… needed just one more!

    WD teammate, nailed the race strategy as ever.

  4. Didn’t get on with the Softs – they seemed to have the same problems as the Ultras. Mediums were a great race tyre.

    A bit cautious at the start as I didn’t get a perfect start and wasn’t too far alongside when Syntax slowed down but we got through okay side by side. After that the guys behind seemed a bit preoccupied with each other so I got a gap and held it through the other stints.

  5. Had a really good quali, was a bit surprised that I got another pole though.
    Just watched the replay, Storm_Cloud just boosted himself to first place. Because of the strategy I lost like 2.5s per stint during pitting. No chance in getting him, especially with having both eyes for like 50% in my mirrors to keep Church behind me.

    Had a great battle with him who didn’t want to let the gap be bigger than 1.5s. In the future I probably won’t slow down because it was a bit packed afterwards with Bobby and Coretex closing in. Probably easier to just take a penalty then, but I didn’t want to let it end like that.
    I went for the move outside because I could carry so much more speed and at first it looked like Church was opening the side but of course didn’t have to because he was in front. According to Charlie Whiting (aka Bobby) Church didn’t have a contact whereas from my POV I clearly touched him. In the end I misjudged the gap and didn’t want to risk a Grosjean. Even though it was a small contact, it was during accelerating and let Church spun. I was really annoyed about that because of that we came into a fight with the other two guys.

    I had some extending warnings but tried to slow down a bit or atleast go off the throttle for a bit to not take any advantage. During the 2nd pitstop I was a bit slow, accelerated for a moment and was speeding with like 1.4kmh thats why i slowed down again which forced Church to the “inside”. Weirdly enough there was also a bug where he could speed a bit. So I guess it equalized itself. So apart from the contact I guess it was a great race and a fair fight and I’m looking forward to Hungary :) Thanks for the race guys.

  6. Congrats Storm Cloud,nice run.
    Another interesting race for me.Had small trouble with the setup,wings too low and was wrestle with the car on turns.I started shyly,didnt have much time to prepare,and than had longest chase after Syntax,who had the same strategy.This pitsop thing was bizarre,but i didnt lift,so maybe theres gonna be some penalty for me.I hope for next race to be that exciting.

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