Summer 2019 – Fun Tourney

To allow Panos more time to go swimming in the Sea, I’ve decided to run informal weekly race events over the Summer with the RSS 2019. We will then sync with the Trout calendar. There will be no teams or player list, just turn up and race and it will be open to non-members too. The results/table will still update automatically, just no formal teams etc.

Leave a comment below if you’re up for this (you don’t have to of course – just turn up on Wednesdays!).

Event format:-

  • Every other Wednesday starting at 20:25 Europe (19:25 UK).
  • Duration – 6th June to ?
  • A random track from the list below will be chosen on the night using a web tool.
  • There will be a 25 minute practice session once the server is set up.
  • 3 minutes quali (effectively 1-shot) then two races, the second in full reverse grid order – no restarts as this can glitch the grid order.
  • Stewarding – not as strict as normal, but we still need to do it to protect us from idiots.

Server settings:-

  • Tyre wear – OFF, all tyres available, no pitstop rules (shouldn’t need to stop)
  • Fuel consumption – OFF (just 1 litre of fuel needed)
  • Assists – OFF
  • Damage – OFF
  • DRS – disabled
  • Air temps/weather realistic-ish
  • You can either use the RSS original version or our version of the car – our version has much more manageable ERS.
  • All tyres available, tyre choice is yours.

Car downloads (optional):-

Tracks, it is important to have all tracks below installed on your PC or you could lose valuable practice time downloading them on the night:-

8 lappers:-

10 lappers:-

12 lappers:-

14 lappers:-

8 thoughts on “Summer 2019 – Fun Tourney

    • Track draw will be live on Discord just before 19:30 (UK) 20:30 (Europe), except I wont announce the track until I’ve config’d the server.

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