F1 2005 League Sign-Up – CANCELLED

Hi all,

As a league, this has now been officially “canned”. It was a great concept, the 2005 cars are utterly brilliant and the sign-up was promising… but no-one turned-up on track :(

We will continue to focus on a Summer League using the Hybrid X starting early May and run fun races with the 2005 cars on Wednesdays. 


To commit to do a season with these cars, please leave a comment below, with preferred Car choice.

During this period unofficial races will still be held on “Sundays” 20:30 CEST(europe)

League info:
  • Teams are made up of 2 drivers with the same car, you choose one of the 2 cars on sign-up
  • You as a team can change the car at anytime you think you can do better with the other one, but after “betraying” your car you can’t change back for 4 races in a row.
  • Races on alternate Sundays starting 20:30 Central European Time (19:30 UK).
  • Attendance on the Chat Discord voice channel is mandatory. Please use push-to-talk during races if you are using a mic/headset.
  • Event format: during this transition period is 15 min qualy, and 15 lap race + reverse grid, on normal seassson 3x practice starts, then 15 min qualifying and 50% race distance.
  • Best 9 out of 10 results count for the championship. Top 12 finishers score points.
  • 100% tyre wear, 200% fuel usage
  • Refueling and Traction control is allowed.
  • Drivers must use some kind of awareness app like Helicorsa or Crew Chief.
  • Three tire compounds will be available each race and it is mandatory to use 2 different compounds when pit window is open.
  • Speeding in the pit lane will be treated as a corner-cut  or Drive-through penalty in case of abuse.
  • Drive-through penalty for jump starts.
  • Virtual Safety Car will be deployed in the event of a bad crash, or restart if bad crash happens on first lap. Please read the full Penalty system guide here
Drivers should also read the league rules.

If you would like to participate, please comment below, stating your chosen car, skin(s) (from those remaining or your own, of course) and a team name/teammate if applicable. max 2 drivers per team.

Confirmed Teams/Drivers

Honorary Guest Drivers:

1. Rhobium 2. Yuck 3. Emil 4. Galin Dimov 5. JJ 6. The Polecat 7. Sir Rob 8. CMR 9. Ninja 10. Marcelinho 11. Raven

Base skin pack from RaceDepartment:

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  1. McLaren, will probably do a custom skin, if i can’t get it done before the season starts i will probably want to use the Aguri or Toro Rosso

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