AC F310 League – Spa Test Event

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  • Join “Discord” and practice on server any time before start.
  • 3x practice starts.
  • 15 min qualifying.
  • 22 lap race with enough fuel to get to the end.

Air temperature: 18 degs (+/-2 degs). Track temperature: Air +7 degs (+/-2 degs)

Downloads for this event:

  1. Apps: AC FtF Rules App (v4.2, 2273 downloads) FtF Safety Car App (404 downloads)
  2. Cars: F310 Physics (148 downloads) “data.acd” F310 Skin Pack TBC

** Pit Entry Speeding Rules will NOT be enforced.

14 thoughts on “AC F310 League – Spa Test Event

  1. Should be interesting to see how we all cope with a tricky car in racing conditions. Not just with fighting, but also just getting consistent lap times. Anyone struggling to set the car up?

  2. We have bigger chances to see safety car on track this season :D.Did some laps and still cant find sweet spot,front tyres bit overheating,rear slides a bit.

  3. I think that is the sweet spot!

    I haven’t fiddled too much with the setup so far, but if anyone’s struggling I would definitely say don’t lean out the wings too much. A consistent car will win a lot of points this season, so drive one that has a reasonable chance of hitting the apex.

  4. Yeah, I’ve changed very little. Wings most obviously, think I’m down to 11/15 at the mo. Apart from that:

    -Gearing to suit the wings
    -Lower ride height. I set it to minimum – didn’t bottom out, not sure it makes any difference tbh.
    -Brake balance – a bit rear to help rotate the car on full tanks.
    -Tyres – guessed at 11psi all round.

    That’s all. For qualifying I’ll probably stiffen the front ARB to help the balance in the corners. It’s worth remembering the balance changes with the fuel so bear that in mind and try running with different fuel levels to gauge the balance. I set my car up with 60% of the required fuel.

  5. I did changed many things to see the cars reaction,but on final setup not many changes left.13/15 on race is safe for me,and did balance on the front on 58,some slight diff and susp.Im curious of tomorrows test race.

  6. Good race.At the beginning i though this car was more like a one time event funrace car,but now it seems fun to drive.Had a very interesting race.On first lap,on les combes someone hit me(no hard feels),so i had to fight my way trough the field from 9th or 10?.Thanks to that i had some good racing fights.Seems like theres gonna be more action this seasson.Thanks and hope to see you all on Monza.

  7. The car looks really good, it reacts very good to tyre consumption and temps, also to fuel. I got hit on first corner and spun from there had to almost lonely race but the car was stable and fun, helicorsa worked well for me but maybe it’s not enough for long battles. I am happy we didn’t miss the DRS ;)

  8. Interesting car! Tried a big setup change for the race in the early part of qualifying, which felt good so went with that. Wrong! Totally messed up the balance – felt like the rear was broken and although employing the “Alonso” fix worked for a bit it destroyed the fronts and made the rears so cool there was no grip anywhere.

    Anyway, messed around with Marcelinho for a bit. Huge problems spotting cars behind so whenever I thought he might be close I just had to leave the door open in case he was there. Blew it eventually so a quiet second half of the race.

    The visibility is a bit of a problem – should have tried Helicorsa I suppose. Tyres need a bit of tweaking as well I guess. With them being very temperature sensitive and cliff edgy it won’t make a good league car because pace differentials will be enormous so less close fighting.

  9. Assume in particular that the mirrors will be fixed. If not, Plan B is F2004 – but I’m determined to get this working first as it’s so different.

  10. I hope you can fix the mirrors, because i really like driving this car. I don’t really know what the exact problem is (VR only?), it was fine for me. I also used helicorsa as always and it helped quite a lot.
    Have to say thanks to my “Landsmänner” for telling (everyone including) me about their setup in DC, i would have driven the stock setup otherwise (with different wings), but i don’t know how much of a difference it would have made anyway. I was getting more comfortable with the car throughout qualifying and so i could improve lap by lap.
    In the race i could hold P1 first, but i think you were toying with me @Storm_Cloud. Anyway it was fun. The tires are very durable, i guess even a one stopper with softs only would have been possible. Maybe that should change, maybe 300% wear, i don’t know.
    Anyway, i had a lot of fun and i will sign up for the whole season, even though i will maybe miss a few races.

    • I’ve had enough feedback since race to know that people are keen to use this car. Helicorsa type app is a must though, even if we can fix mirrors as they are so small.

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