AC F310 League – Dutch GP

Replay: F310 Dutch GP Replay (424 downloads)

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Monolith FtF Williams01:20.043 49:21.144 25
2 ELgurke FtF Williams11:20.310 +14.860 18
3 Storm_Cloud FtF Force India11:20.211 +26.570 15
4 Albano Pensionisti FtF Lotus11:21.377 +1 Lap 12
5 BobbyDeacs FtF Force India11:21.775 +1 Lap 10

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  • Join “Discord” and practice on server any time before start.
  • 3x practice starts.
  • 15 min qualifying.
  • 36 lap race with enough fuel to get to the end.

Air temperature: 22 degs (+/-2 degs). Track temperature: Air +7 degs (+/-2 degs)

Downloads for this event:

  1. Apps: AC FtF Rules App (v4.2, 1756 downloads) FtF Safety Car App (300 downloads) 
  2. Cars: F310 Physics (145 downloads) “data.acd”  F310 Skins (347 downloads)

** Pit Entry Speeding Rules WILL be enforced – please practice getting your speed down to 50mph/80kph before the limiter **

6 thoughts on “AC F310 League – Dutch GP

  1. The track looks promising and very similar to brands hatch. hope for a good race and some more valuable points for the championship. With some good news from stewards maybe can battle for the 3-rd place in championship :)

  2. Sorry for the lateness, but a moron hit my real car today. Beloved 335i needs a fair bit of work. Very annoyed about that, because although the car is 11 years old it is utterly mint (and quick – extra boost to 386hp).

    Anyway, not really in the mood (and had to skip dinner) and hit a kerb for some reason and crashed. No backsies just because you’re pissed off, still a cock up. Felt the low numbers this race as my rise from nowhere to the podium consisted of my team mate moving out of the way and Pensionisti spinning out of my way. No chance to catch the leaders, but I think this leaves it winner takes all at Road America, so best result all around.

  3. ..and you live somewhere where you can actually drive a car like that! Better the devil you know, hope they can fix it.

    Weird race, we need more, end of. Great bunch of 5 that said.

  4. Lag and mistakes, or mistakes cause by lag, being very dicissive for my races. although the pace and lap times good on practice where everything runs smooth 90fps, it feels so lag-ish when everybody comes in, i can’t set a good lap for quali and the first race laps are very difficult and i loose a lot in the first 5 laps on all races. the same happened in this race although found some slow cars in front of me (storm and bobby) i couldn’t pass them although my pace was away better. Almost crashed on them 2 or 3 times couldn’t react fast in that frame rate to pass them, so i went on grass to avoid crashing and they went way for some laps. than set the pace and could catch them again and passed storm while bobby took a pit, but the mistakes again and storm re-took the place. struggling with the tires through the end when bobby was very threatening with fresh tires, but somehow the leader came in handy and blue flags helped me make a secure gap for the 4’th place. Such a shame i am 1 sec or more off my practice sessions during the race cause of lag :( . Anyway happy with the progress done this season. if everything goes well, think i can keep the 4’th position in championship.

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