AC F2002 League – R2 Russian GP

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Emil Praga Balkan Racing (BAR)51:39.918 46:31.943 25
2 bolea18 The Spanishers (Renault)21:40.719 +8.560 18
3 YuckierDragon The Flatspotters (Arrows)01:38.898 +20.754 15
4 puluminati Gasgano (Jordan)41:40.496 +26.156 12
5 Raven Beat-Town Racing (McLaren)31:41.181 +26.783 10
6 coret3x X-men (Minardi)11:39.848 +28.108 8
7 Marcello Fritz Simsport (Toyota)31:40.440 +35.074 6
8 Marcelinho Race4Life (Williams)71:40.587 +54.579 5
9 PedroRC Console Geeks (Jaguar)21:41.459 +58.904 4
10 mattreX X-men (Minardi)21:41.292 +1:34.935 3
11 Ton van Egmond Balkan Racing (BAR)31:41.038 +1:03.666 2
12 John Stingu The Spanishers (Renault)11:41.911 +1:38.227 1
13 Frusty Gasgano (Jordan)31:44.808 +1 Lap 0
14 TastyChevelle 11:44.816 +1 Lap 0
15 Waffen The Flatspotters (Arrows)101:40.771 DNF (10L) 0
16 willv44 Beat-Town Racing (McLaren)71:40.473 +1 Lap 0

Replay: F2002 Race 2 Russia Replay (337 downloads)

A superb highlights compilation, courtesy of Raven:

Official Race Video:

Round 2 of the AC F2002 League is the Russian GP at Sochi, on Saturday 30th April.

The F2002 mod has been updated to v1.2. Note that your old setups will no longer work.
AC F2002 Car (1094 downloads)

If anyone is interested, we will run a practice session tomorrow (Saturday 23rd April) at the usual time – just casual.

36 thoughts on “AC F2002 League – R2 Russian GP

    • havent tried mediums yet, with softs I was getting front wear 4x faster than rears yet core front temps remained below 80deg – tried lots of setup changes to little effect. Not sure I like what theyve done, seems more like drift racing than F1 now, maybe sochi is the problem…gonna try mediums now

    • and with mediums I get front wear same as rear, but totally different to old car. I think this car is just different, simple as that. Wonder if Rhobium can explain the melting front softs?

    • We don’t have a stream but you could watch somebody’s Steam broadcast, if it doesn’t affect their game too much.

      You can also see live standings here

  1. Team X-men has planned some practicing on thursday, 21-23 amsterdam time. would be nice if more people joined up!

  2. Hi guys,

    I have to skip this and the next race also. Quite busy these days and I have not the time for practise.

    Saturday isn’t the best date for me to race (Job&Family).

    Enjoy ur race.

  3. Great result for Emil, so gutted I couldn’t do anything but panic and replace data cables, press reset buttons and sit on the phone waiting for Plusnet to answer! Just tidying it all up now.

    On the big plus side, when I spectated on my 3x screens it all looked f*ing awesome and great turn-out too. I don’t think real-Sochi today will be anywhere near as good as FtF Sochi :)

  4. Good quali, but surprising result.

    Worst race ever. Lack of time, so not really prepared, no strategy, pitstop app not configured properly, was driving around with way too much fuel all the time. Got spun in first corner first lap and, what i find nearly unacceptable, 2 times blatantly by the same driver on totally destroyed tires in the last 2 laps while being well clear in front on the overtake. Horrible!

    But i am looking forward to spain, one of my favourite tracks. Should be prepared better then.

  5. Qualified 7th. Had a crash at T1 and ended 16th before mission “catch up” started. So after 14 laps I was up to 3rd place.  I had planned 2 pitstops, Mediums and then final stint Softs. My big mistake and had my final pitstop one lap too early! I see now from my POV that I had fuel for one more lap… So then I had to one more lap on softs and that totally ruined my 3rd position. At the last lap, my fronts were like 69%. I turned my wheel, but the front tires just went straight, so I had to be really careful. YuckierDragon would probably take 3rd anyways, but loosing to Raven and puluminati in the last few turns was really baad! :)

    Well well, I think this was an awesome race and I had great fun.

    I’ve uploaded my POV:  (Sorry I dont use a virtual wheel so it’s not that fun to watch).

  6. I can say it was one of the most interesting race i had in last couple of months, entertaining and annoying here and there. I managed to figure out in my 30 mins practice before the race, how much the Mediums would last for me and how much fuel to use. I preffered to use a 2 stop on Mediums strategy, just to keep it in the comftarble zone as speed and grip, the track was slippery almost everywhere, but wasn’t a big problem, better to have Oversteer than Understeer.

  7. It was a nice race!!

    Qualy result was worse than China, but i made a good start and i was 2th. I fought with Waffen until he retires. I thought that i can win the race… but Emil was too fast with new tyres and i couldn’t defend. Sorry if i was too agressive. You deserve the win!

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