5 thoughts on “Next season’s car?

  1. My favourite is the current car so far. I think the RSS car is interesting and I’ll need to do more laps in it. The default setup is mental!

    • I gather that the brakes on the RSS are ridiculously sensitive. Of course, that’s something we might be able to fix if the car is otherwise good.

  2. in the runs i did last week with these cars i would pick as my favorite SF18 just because you need to correct the car much more and also is more sensible on throttle input, overall it keeps me more aware of mistakes while driving it, its more challenging.

    the RRS is quite shit because i feel its the laziest of them all, coming out from the slow corners i fall asleep until it picks up speed, you keep pressing the power and it doesnt go as fast as you would expect it.
    The brakes are lets say the most sensible but not difficult to adjust to them.
    The handling is nice tho and the sound of the engine is the best.

    I know i said my favorite is the SF18 but that is a personal preference.

    Thinking at the league and everybody else, i think SF71 is the way to go and also the car that can keep things more in balance. Everyone should adapt to it faster than the other 2.

  3. Without hesitation my vote goes to the SF71H. More sensitive to throttle work and brakes which I like a lot. The general behaviour is a very good package in one car. A real blast!

  4. SF71 for my vote. Can we borrow the sound from the RSS?

    RSS car has some good points, but it doesn’t feel as alive and punchy as the SF71. The RSS split info dashboard is also stupid – so much space wasted on the first screen then a couple of vital things on the second one, and I don’t have any spare buttons!

    The RSS default setup is far away from being sensible and that might put off the more casual racer who doesn’t like or really understand setup. With SF71 you can fiddle with the roll bars and wings and you’ll be in the ballpark – it’s pretty much all I changed last season.

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