F2002 Pre-Season Test Race 5 – Interlagos

Replay: F2002 Interlagos Test Race Replay (331 downloads)

Our last test event will take place on Saturday 9th April at Interlagos. We will have the usual 3 practice starts followed by a 15 minute qualifying and 36 lap race.

You can download the track here: AC FtF Interlagos Track (v1.01, 221 downloads)

You must download the compulsory track cutting detector app from the required content page. On that page there is also a link to the PitConfig app, which we recommend to avoid the pit menu mini-game when you stop! You can also find links to the F2002 car and skin pack there.

If you haven’t signed up for the league yet, you can do that here.

See you all on track!

7 thoughts on “F2002 Pre-Season Test Race 5 – Interlagos

  1. After recent comments about rear tyre temperature, I had a look at the car physics and I don’t think it’s actually an issue.

    The tyres should only lose 1% of their grip at 35° above or 20° below optimal temperature.

    I suspect the actual problem is tyre wear: 95% grip is already difficult to drive with, and the difference between the compounds is quite small in terms of tyre life and grip.

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