AC F2002 League – R3 Spanish GP

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Raven Beat-Town Racing (McLaren)11:23.000 46:52.609 25
2 Marcelinho Race4Life (Williams)11:22.713 +24.115 18
3 Emil Praga Balkan Racing (BAR)11:23.498 +26.868 15
4 bolea18 The Spanishers (Renault)11:23.812 +1:02.458 12
5 Marcello Fritz Simsport (Toyota)41:24.133 +1:02.590 10
6 PedroRC Console Geeks (Jaguar)11:23.018 +1:02.950 8
7 BobbyDeacs Console Geeks (Jaguar)01:23.585 +1:03.592 6
8 puluminati Gasgano (Jordan)21:24.550 +1:28.881 5
9 John Stingu The Spanishers (Renault)31:24.129 +1 Lap 4
10 JuhohFin Race4Life (Williams)21:23.580 +1 Lap 3
11 Ton van Egmond Balkan Racing (BAR)01:23.620 +1 Lap 2
12 Pandas Fritz Simsport (Toyota)11:25.446 +2 Laps 1
13 Olivier Prenten OP Racing (Ferrari)71:23.544 DNF (7L) 0

Replay: F2002 race3 Spain Replay (316 downloads)

Race Video:

Raven’s Highlight Video:

Round 3 of the AC F2002 League is the Spanish GP at Catalunya, on Saturday 14th May.

Please note that we are using a mod version of the track. Download link is above.


13 thoughts on “AC F2002 League – R3 Spanish GP

  1. Hello all,

    Unfortunately I am sick atm and will therefore not participate tonight :(

    Enjoy the race and I am looking forward to your video’s.

  2. I’m pleased with 3rd considering i had a few laps before race to prepare the car.

    Had issues with the slow corners, the car was not turning as i wanted, it was too stiff and not agile, the strategy was not good either, just guessed it mostly, always over fueled the car because i didn’t knew the values exactly.

  3. I try a 1 stop strategy… I don’t know how the tyres are still alive. Fortunately, i could defend 4th position, but i wanted to fight for the podium or win in my home race.

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