Assetto Corsa F1 League sign-up

Our 2015 Assetto Corsa F1 league runs on Saturdays at 9pm Central European Summer Time. More drivers are welcome to join throughout the season when there are spaces.

The ACF1 league rules are as follows:

  • 15 rounds (best 12 results to count) at F1 circuits, starting in 18th July. Full calendar is here.
  • Weekly races on Saturdays at 9pm Central European Summer Time, with a few mid-season breaks.
  • ABS & TC banned, stability assist allowed.
  • TeamSpeak attendance is mandatory.

Event format:

  • The AC password will be changed shortly before each league race, and displayed in TeamSpeak.
  • We will hold a few practice starts, followed by 20 minutes qualifying then a 50% length race.
  • There are no restrictions on tyre compounds or pit strategy.
  • Start the race with enough fuel to get to the end. Refuelling is possible only as a last resort!

Participants should first read about our league rules and stewarding system. We’ll be following our tried-and-tested stewarding setup, with a panel of 3 impartial trusted FtF members to settle any race incidents that are reported. Drivers should report any incidents to the head steward, @Yuckierdragon after the race – video footage or a replay time is helpful.

We’re close to a full 24 driver grid, but will also allow more drivers to sign up as reserves. You should get a chance to race, since some regulars are likely to miss a few events.

Please leave a comment below if you’re interested. Note that regular drivers who go missing for a few races without explanation will be demoted to the reserves.

Happy racing!
– Rhobium

Regulars & Teams:

  1. Rhobium – Motivated Geeks (Mercedes)
  2. MinedPolecat34 – KERS CrackERS (Ferrari)
  3. YuckierDragon – KERS CrackERS (Ferrari)
  4. include76 – Blue Bulls (Red Bull)
  5. Raven – Sauber 2015
  6. Ton van Egmond – McFlurry Honda (McLaren)
  7. Ukyo – Kommando Dünnpfiff (Williams)
  8. carlosfw – Spanishers (Force India)
  9. Bolea18 – Spanishers (Force India)
  10. Shaggymark – Numb Nut Racing (Manor)
  11. Axlslo – McFlurry Honda (McLaren)
  12. Leon Sonix – Caterham
  13. Desi.exe – Blue Bulls (Red Bull)
  14. Pauli Kappi – Beathill (Lotus)
  15. JoeSpeed – Beathill (Lotus)
  16. jcusain – Numb Nut Racing (Manor)
  17. tato-f1 – Toro Rosso
  18. Luke – Motivated Geeks (Mercedes)
  19. Wonski – Kommando Dünnpfiff (Williams)


  1. mattreX – Sauber 2015
  2. SirRobSmith – Motivated Geeks (Mercedes)
  3. Mystro – Sauber 2014
  4. Peter Lonnrot – Toro Rosso
  5. FCR Senna – Toro Rosso
  6. Bratwurst – Kommando Dünnpfiff (Williams)
  7. Airlink – Lotus
  8. przemotg
  9. Remco Majoor – Numb Nut Racing (Manor)
  10. F1Dave
  11. Iamdumb
  12. Skalpy – McFlurry Honda (McLaren)
  13. Mikey
  14. Texxon2211

86 thoughts on “Assetto Corsa F1 League sign-up

  1. I’ll get the ball rolling. I’ll be taking part, naturally :P

    I probably can’t make Friday evenings.

  2. Thanks for passing me the ball lol, anyway I’m in too! After all that development work I’m stoked to get this going!

    Hope to see you all on track! :D

  3. I’m gonna try to make most of the races of course. Tested some this afternoon, got a lot of work to do to get where u guys are at the moment but I definitely love the general feel of the game. The way I work is very random but Monday- or Thursday evenings seem nice moments to host the AC events.

    PS Sorry I couldnt make it tonight, other obligations

  4. I’m in. I will probably be able to make all days but will rule out Sundays on the basis I get a summer job or not.

  5. I’m IN ! :-)

    Day is not important for me .. TIME … before 19:00 i cant do (MO-FR) … SA-SO .. not realy a problem :-)

    hopeing for a full field ….

  6. I’m in! I love the idea of this league, and the car is absolutely amazing! I’m going to try to take part in all the events. Time or day is not an issue for me

  7. Sounds awesome, I am in. Still needs shitload of practice though ;P

    No restrictions on the racing day as long it does not coincide with F1 league

  8. Count me in! :) Right now I don’t have any special restricions for the racing day, at least for now.

    • cheers mate. cant wait to start racing in the league it looks really competitive from what I seen in them shakedown races.

    • Please let me in… Id like to be Bratwurst’s teammate, if its possible. :)



  9. If there is any free spaces i’d love to join in, but some Saturdays could be an issue. If you want to put me on the maybe list to make sure i don’t take a spot of a guaranteed member that ok with me.

  10. Hi guys, i m a spanish guy but i can speak english more or less :)

    Im interested in join your league. My nick in steam is carlosfw

  11. Hi everyone!! I would love to join this F1 league, looks amazing, I can´t wait to be racing on the rack!! ;)

  12. I will race when I dont have FSR races, so at least the first 3-4 rounds and some later in the season.

  13. Welcome to all our new Spanish friends :)

    Take a look at the signup list above, which is ordered by priority to race. We expect members to be able to make most of the races, otherwise you’ll be demoted in the reserve list.

    A few of the regulars will be missing each race, so there’s a good chance that reserves can take part. If you’re on the reserve list, please send me a message before the race and I’ll check that there’s space for you to drive.

  14. I’m a new member here, i’d like to know how can i sign up for the next F1 race? How does it work the subscription to a race? thank you!

    • Welcome! Thanks for signing up here. The next race is Saturday 19th – the post where you can register as attending will be on the homepage from Tuesday.

      Our AC server will be online for practice all week as well.

    • Welcome :) You asked to drive the Williams – one of the drivers in that team has disappeared so you can take his place, alongside Ukyo.

      Regarding the car, don’t confuse our ACF1 car with the french ACFL mod. They’re quite different ;)

      Make sure to download the required apps and circuits mods, and have a practice on the Flag-to-Flag server. Let me know if you have any questions.

    • Hello HamletBandit, ofcourse you are welcome to join the league. You won’t be able to become champion, but I’m sure you’ll give it a good shot next season aswell:D

  15. Hello,

    I would lîke to register with my brother for the next season 2016. Is it possible?


    Our details:

    Olivier Prenten (GUID 76561198114085634)

    Fabrice Prenten (GUID tel:76561198013232259)

    Team: PrenT’eam

    Skin: Custom or any other available


    Kind regards,


    • Welcome, that’s great :) The next season will probably start in early January next year, possibly racing on a Sunday rather than a Saturday.

      You’re welcome to try out the car in the mean time, of course. If you have any questions let us know.

    • Thank you Rhobium and great news for me. I will certainly pop up in the server soon in order to test the mod. I will also inform my brother about your acknowledgement. ;)

      Do you already have a list of the reserved cars for next season so I could already make a choice.


    • I think we’ll wait till after this season before choosing cars, also so we know exactly what teams will be available – there will be a new sign-up post perhaps late in December.

    • OK Rhobium. Just to make sure can you already book me 2 places whatever the cars available? I will choose the cars accordingly (regarding availabilities)… Thank you in advance. Oli ;)

  16. Hi guys, just to confirm you that my brother and myself will sign in for the next season.

    Can you book us 2 places in case I miss the sign in process. It shouldn’t happen but we never know. ;)

    Thank you in advance.

    Oli and Fa


    Our details:

    Olivier Prenten (GUID 76561198114085634)

    Fabrice Prenten (GUID tel:76561198013232259)

    Team: PrenTeam

    Skin: Ferrari or any other available

  17. Hi Everyone!

    Good test race last Saturday i hope you guys got some good data on the fuel and tyre wear!

    Just wanted to request if its possible to input our own custom skins for the new car as i am in progress of creating my own and i thought it would be cool if others could input their own (if they wanted too) But of course there would be a deadline before the skin pack gets released so it can be added so if that’s possible it would be good and a good addition to the league.

    Cant wait til’ the signup :D


  18. Hey I don’t know if you guys have a skill level test because compared to a lot of you guys I’m probably not very good, but I think it would be pretty fun. A couple people have sent me friend requests on steam from here but I’ve never played with them.

  19. Hi folks and welcome to FtF!

    There’s no skill level test, anyone who drives fairly is welcome :) You can probably get an idea of relative speeds if you join our server for practice, there’s bound to be some people online before the event on Saturday. You can also check out the server timing stats.

    We will have a new sign-up post open for F2002 league shortly, so I will close the comments here for now.

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