AC F2002 League – R1 Chinese GP

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 YuckierDragon The Flatspotters (Arrows)31:39.219 47:23.000 25
2 PedroRC Console Geeks (Jaguar)01:38.948 +8.396 18
3 Waffen The Flatspotters (Arrows)21:39.490 +21.502 15
4 puluminati Gasgano (Jordan)61:39.183 +23.790 12
5 Emil Praga Balkan Racing (BAR)11:38.335 +39.029 10
6 coret3x X-men (Minardi)21:40.287 +49.348 8
7 bolea18 The Spanishers (Renault)41:39.528 +52.004 6
8 BobbyDeacs Console Geeks (Jaguar)11:39.362 +54.111 5
9 fabrice.prenten OP Racing (Ferrari)21:39.817 +1:05.395 4
10 Olivier Prenten OP Racing (Ferrari)51:38.376 +1:43.262 3
11 mattreX X-men (Minardi)01:38.739 +54.861 2
12 John Stingu The Spanishers (Renault)11:41.240 +1 Lap 1
13 palamies Beat-Town Racing (McLaren)11:45.450 DNF (4L) 0

Replayf2002-race1-china-replay (287 downloads)

Official Race Video:

We’re finally there and our opening event mirrors the real F1 calendar with a trip to Shanghai. Practise any time before 20:30 and then we will do the usual 3 practice starts followed by a 15 minute qualifying and 28 lap race.

A link to download the F2002 car and our new skin pack can be found on the required content page.

Hope to see a nice turnout at the weekend and we all make this league something a bit special to look forward to every fortnight.

Note to all – if you are not already doing so, please download pitconfig app and plan your tyres and fuel in advance – it makes life so much easier (“apparently”!).

28 thoughts on “AC F2002 League – R1 Chinese GP

  1. If you can’t pick a teammate or don’t care, we’ll do some picking for you by the weekend. You can always swap. We’ll base it on your car choices as much as possible.

  2. the Pit app is bugged, for me at least, when i use it, my car gets stuck in the pits, i cant control anything after i pit, except ESC button

    • Damn, Ive had this too – just the once, hoped it was a one-off glitch. Just sat their in pits unable to change gear or accelerate – all inputs apart from keyboard dead.

      Think Rhobium needs to write one for us Emil

    • BTW – I can’t post anything on RD yet, still on the naughty boy list for trying to join forces with their F2002 guys. so over to you Emil.

  3. If there’s a 10% chance it will crash, I’m still using it – too much of a handicap without, especially with me.

    Just failed me the once, but exactly the same as Emil – I have latest version.

  4. ok, the app works fine with official content, maybe its the track… i dont know, but for me in China never works

  5. Gents, we need to test the pitconfig tonight. What I suggest is to make, like already planned,  3 start tests followed directly by a pit test. Oli

  6. What a shame!! I lead the race, but i had too much degradation. It’s frustrating to finish 7th after perfect race, but i made a mistake with strategy.

  7. Did my first 1 stop race. This time I was driving really defensive in order to save the rear tires. But I actually ended up saving them too much, so they never reached more than 105C.. Thanks for all the battles. I really love the new collision code.    An interesting two-wheeler that Rob Deacon witnessed :)

  8. A shame that i span 3 times, got up to 2nd place before the 1st spin, was right behind 1st place….didn’t payed attention to the tyre wear… after 3rd spin i was 11th at 49 seconds from 1st place….considering all that, 5th is a damage limitation…might have had the chance of a win here, the car felt good, i’ll make a video of my race soon

    • that was some great side-by-side racing with the white ferrari of Fabrice :)

      Apparently the skin pack doesnt include the ferrari skins. u need to move them to the skins folder. Had the same issue.

  9. More fun than I’ve had in years of league racing – a couple of unfortunate bumps put me out of the hunt, but without them I’d have probably sat in 4th or 5th place all race getting bored out of my skull.

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