AC SF70H Test Races Catalunya/Singapore

Just a bit of fun and (from an admin PoV) some data collection on the car, we’re running two short races with random grids at Barcelona then Singapore.

I’ve left this post late as I don’t want people over-practising (although there’s time yet!). There will be a bit of practice time on each track before the race, which will be a quarter distance with tyre wear/fuel set at 4x, so unlike myself after this Christmas, you will be losing weight during the races at an absurd rate.

Hope you can join in with what should be quite interesting on two extreme tracks that should bring both ultras and hards into play.

The only race rule is that we will all start on the softest compound (Softs at Barcelona, Ultras at Singapore). This will force at least one pitstop.

Servers (4 & 5) are ready and waiting!

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