AC SF15-T League – Spanish GP

Race Video:

Replay : SF-R2-Valencia-replay (362 downloads)

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Rhobium Not Enough G-Force (Williams)21:41.450 48:12.971 25
2 xNinja Teenage Ninja Tortoise (Renault) 11:41.371 +29.719 18
3 Shayan Najam Rennteam (Toro Rosso)11:41.370 +29.859 15
4 Storm_Cloud Mercedes31:42.056 +38.663 12
5 Raven Rennteam (Toro Rosso)11:41.780 +30.525 10
6 Ton van Egmond Fake Marussia Dudes (Manor)11:41.491 +53.016 8
7 YuckierDragon Ferrari Wanna Bees (Ferrari)11:42.872 +54.608 6
8 Emil Praga Ferrari Wanna Bees (Ferrari)11:42.133 +56.155 5
9 CMR_18 Freestylers (Sauber)51:43.507 +1:29.690 4
10 BobbyDeacs Teenage Ninja Tortoise (Renault) 21:44.367 +1:38.871 3
11 coret3x The X-men (Red Bull)21:42.804 +1:40.685 2
12 jestes2448 01:43.528 +1 Lap 1
13 Marcello Fake Marussia Dudes (Manor)21:45.902 +1 Lap 0
14 Jachym Svejnoha Toyota41:44.390 DNF (6L) 0
15 Milan Patak Toyota41:43.301 DSQ 0

Please make sure to download the updated AC FtF Rules App (v4.2) and AC SF15-T Skins. Other app recommendations can be found on the league downloads page.

Also, a reminder that it’s helpful to use the same name in AC, TS and on our website. You can change your username here by clicking User Control Panel (on the right), then Profile > Edit. In the AC launcher it’s under Options > Profile.

Good luck in race 2!

42 thoughts on “AC SF15-T League – Spanish GP

  1. Any thoughts on the tyre temperatures?

    For me, supersofts overheat at the rear but softs and mediums are fine. I treat supersofts as a qualifying tyre with this mod so I don’t see that as a big concern.

    Of course, managing the tyre temperatures should matter just like in the real sport, be that through driving style or setup.

    • Rhobium, do you know what the optimum temps are for each tyre compound or is there any way you can find it out? ie. SSs = 100 degs, S = ?, M = ?, H = ?

    • Yes, I do. Not sure if these are core or surface temperatures though (probably some mixture).

      • SS: 85-110
      • S: 90-115
      • M: 105-125
      • H: 110-135
    • This makes a lot of sense.

      So –

      • SS: Just about viable at 10 degs.
      • S: Again, only at low temps
      • M: Work well at high temps
      • H: Work well at very high temps.

      Seems like there’s no middle ground for this tyre model – has to be hot for Ms & Hs, has to be cold for Ss & SSs.

    • Well, for me at least the softs work fine at Valencia in the current conditions. So it’s only super-softs that would necessitate really cold temperatures.

      However, for most people the super-softs only last 25% of a race distance so I don’t think it’s worthwhile trying to make them viable as a race tyre. And temperatures are no problem in qualifying if you only do 1 hotlap.

    • Think we should lower the temperatures just a tad bit. Would bring into play Super Softs, Softs and Mediums. The Hards shouldn’t be viable around this track in all honesty as Valencia is a track which suits the Softer compounds better.

    • Im not sure but it might be due to some update? has there been any in these past 4 days. The time i set is half a second slower than what i managed in hotlap mode with ss. The setup is exactly the same, however now even the softs are overheating at the rear before the final sector begins, makes the two fast right handers very tricky. right now if i push the car only the mediums and hard seen suitable for the race which is understandable but the softs and super softs should allow you to push to the limit in quali, at spa that wasnt the best idea, but here they should be.

    • It was originally at 10 degs on the server, changed quickly to 20 degs, so that’s probably the half second. It does also seem that an increase of 10 degs in air temp adds roughly 10 degs to the running tyre temps.

    • There’s been no temperature change or update in the last week anyway. Track grip is now 99%, so maybe that’s allowing you to push the tyres harder?

  2. my opinion:

    1) the tyre choice for race and qualifies should be two tyres just like real f1 2015 (for example s and ss or m and s etc..) for each track.

    2) the temperature should be defferent in each track (cannot imagine a race in malaysia with 15 degrees asphalt temp)

    of course these two parameters demand practice from admins for each track to make the right choices  for temps and tyres.. i know it will be hard for admins but thats just an opinion..thank you

  3. What I’d suggest is this – we decide in advance which tyres we should “aim for” and it should reflect the real life choices as best as possible. It won’t be that accurate as surfaces/track layout varies, but something like this:-

    • SS & S – 10 degs
    • S & M  – 17 degs
    • M & H – 24 degs

    What do people think?

    • If we did Singapore (which we’re not cos the mod’s rubbish), it would seem odd to set temps to 10 degs – but on the other hand, we’d get to drive on the right tyres.

    • Whatever the temperature, whatever the track, there will be a tyre that works. Set the track temperature to a range at least close to real life air temperature

      Choose a random temperature from a range then do that. Pick tyres to suit the conditions on the day. It shouldn’t even be set until race day, then you turn up and choose your strategy.

      It will favour the adaptable drivers and the diligent drivers. There are so few variables in conditions it would be a waste of this one to set the temperature to suit the tyres.

    • This is what I want too Storm Cloud, but it assumes that the tyre physics and the modded track’s surface are realistic too – which they clearly aren’t. Picking the temps to match the race conditions/tyres is far more realistic in my opinion – would you want to do Singapore on hard tyres, for example? You would have to with realistic air temps (and for that matter air temps , which we also have set low).

    • It does rather depend on the nature of the track as well. Personally, I think it’s better to choose tyres that suit the conditions but it’s an interesting concept.

      The drawback to random temperatures is that we’re just making things harder, I feel the car presents enough of a challenge as it is. Also, assuming they were set on the day it’s a bit unfair for people who aren’t able to practice on the server on Saturday afternoons. I’m more comfortable when we have time to test that the conditions are reasonable.

    • Yeah, it’s not being slavishly realistic about the temperature, on reflection. My main argument for mixing things up a little is to make it more of a challenge, because the best driver has to have more of a skillset to succeed.

      If you publish a range that the temp might be in (and if that’s cold to run softs or whatever then that’s fine), then anyone that practices for an hour or two in the two weeks between races can get a feel for different temps in that range and they’re prepared for whatever turns up in qually.

      But whatever, it’s a fun series anyway and Valencia! What a blast to drive. Can’t stay off it.

    • It’s a fair idea when you put it like that, we’ll definitely consider it for future races.

      Not a valencia fan myself so I’m glad some people like it!

    • This would require some more code in the FtF rules app (I’m assuming) just to check people remember, but I totally agree – if it could be achieved. We could then also consider 200% tyre wear as no-one could just do two hard stints any more.

    • It would be possible but somewhat more effort – and rules that require you to do something (e.g. using multiple tyre compounds) are much easier to accidentally break. Not a big fan of adding more things to penalise people for.

      From what I’ve seen at Spa and Valencia, it looks like 150% is a good balance. I used hards for two thirds of the last race and it was a nice strategy option to have, but that’s not viable at Valencia.

  4. Sry guys, I’m not at home then :(

    If you’re interested in another Highlight video just write me your favourite scenes ;D

    And a replay for AC would be good xD

    • Oh, we’ll do that later on.

      Just so everyone knows, practice conditions are 99% grip. Then we switch to dynamic track, with qualifying starting at 98%. It reaches 100% later in the race.

  5. Hey guys, I´m sorry but i won´t be attending in todays race. We have a kind of family party and I have to be there. Wish eevrybody to have fun.

  6. My point of view… not very exciting sadly :p


    • 11:10 Quali hotlap
    • 16:04 Race start
    • 18:40 Battle with Ton
    • 41:10 Overtake on Shayan
  7. Need to sort out my qualifying, especially where track position is important. Got up behind Raven before the one stop pitstops and he was  still on his original mediums after 11 laps so he was dog slow and all over the place in the corners so no chance to pass safely. Pitted early on lap 12 to get the undercut or force Raven to pit early, which he did.

    Just a case of waiting for the last laps after that but just as I moved to 3rd had a weird spin on the first kink. Turns out I turned on my DRS when I was changing my brake balance. Unmap, I know. Spun me down to 5th so instead of getting the strategy to play out I was on my own in 5th for the second race running.

  8. I ran this race using hards, mgu-k 6, hotlap mode and engine brake 12.  Tried my Spa setup and modified it a bit, but the car did not handle good for this track. My high engine brake helped me brake late, but that unfortunately made me brake into people, far too late. Sorry guys.

  9. Got swarmed first few corners towards back end of grid, then too much downforce meant I couldn’t get past Milan early on – stayed on his case til softs started to go, but couldn’t break him – well done!

    Undercut onto mediums finally sorted that battle out, but no pace whatsoever on them – don’t understand why.

  10. Hi friends, accept disqualification.
    22x cuts is a high number. Learning with the new car. Circiut I did not know.
    Problem I often had in T1. From the cockpit not much to see :-)
    Race was super. Battles at the beginning with Bobby, were great.
    I had often off the track for safety reasons :-)
    Thanks for the videos, are excellent.
    Here my cockpit and a short demo battles in Valencia. Also sorry , for my english :-)

    • Nice video, some good action there :)

      I can definitely recommend keeping an eye on the rules app in future, so you always know when you’ve received a corner cut warning.

      Hope to see you at Suzuka!

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