F138 & SF15-T Test Night (Friday 20:30 CET)

We’re spending an evening evaluating the league potential of the 2 new Ferrari F1 cars that are due to be released as part of the Red Pack DLC.

We’ll be starting around 20:30 CET with a combination of individual practice and some short races to get a feel for how useful they may be. This isn’t an official Flag-to-Flag event, but you’re all very welcome to pop in and participate. We’d love to hear your feedback.

A dedicated server has been launched and can be found by searching for “Flag” in the in-game browser much like the others and will be configured to use one of the new cars from tomorrow.

Update – The server is now online. 

28 thoughts on “F138 & SF15-T Test Night (Friday 20:30 CET)

  1. Loved both cars, SF15-T is more complex but will make a better league, IMO :D F138 maybe better for people who dont want to learn the recovery modes etc.

  2. Same, for me the SF15-T is much more fun to drive. I think after some time it’s possible to get used to managing the ERS system effectively.

  3. Same view here Cameron, for straight wheel-to-wheel racing like we’ve been doing for years, the F138 is by far the best car….but for something completely different and like nothing else we’ve ever done, the SF15 is amazing.

    PS:- Also, the geekier it is the more chance BobbyGeeks has – not that he really does have much chance.

  4. I was convinced the F138 was the better car to drive, it was easier and more fun. But ever since we had a small race with the SF15-T, I have changed my opinion completely. It will take some getting used to, but it is a far more interesting car to drive.

    Anyway, but both cars seem like a good cars to drive, but I prefer the SF15-T. But I’m sure with our FtF mentality, we can help eachother get better and have more fun!

  5. Both cars are absolutely brilliant but for some reason i am drawn to the SF15-T, I have fallen in love with the ERS System on it (Even though i still don’t have a clue what Engine Braking or MGU-H Mode does). It just feels different from all these same old F1 cars which only have basic KERS and DRS  systems. The F138 is a brilliant car as well but at the end of the day, my vote would have to go to the SF15-T

  6. The sf15-t is the one for me! The ESR is actually very fun and really enjoying it. Right now, if I had to chose one car and one car only in AC, the sf15-t will be the one :) And with that said, if I had to chose which car to run in a league with, it will be again the 1.6l hybrid powered prancing horse

  7. I would say, f138 for the league sinbce we need better Wheel to Wheel stuff.(without assists) with frequent Events with the sf15t (once a month, like a seperate 4 race Season), with the sf15t the racing becomes a Little boring and not too intense since everyone is basically doing their own Thing with the recovery and deployment. with the f138 we can Focus more on racecraft  (surprising this coming from me considering Monza). But i´d say lets have 50% races with both of These cars in the gap to decide the winner.

  8. Thankx for all the feedback. Still need to get the DLC :/

    From the comments and activity yesterday I have clearly missed out.

  9. I could not take part as i hoped, but i tested both cars and it seems i belong to the minority here as i prefer the F138. I really adore the technical bits about the SF15-T, but from a driving point of view the F138 just feels more agile and easier to drive on the limit, which i prefer. That being said, i cannot predict the strategic possibilities of the SF15-T in races, but i would guess, that at the end of the day the difference in strategy would not be that big. But it would surely be tempting to try it.

    All in all i like both cars, but i feel more comfortable with the F138. Atm i would say, i would participate in a championship here if it uses one of those cars. ;)

  10. I think I have to give the SF15-T a few days of testing before I can decide. Learning of this modern F1-car clearly improves my experience when viewing official F1 races.

  11. FYI Our next league will start with the Belgium GP.

    After the F2002 league ends we will have 2 Single Events : Nordschleife (10 laps) and Monaco (100%). After that we will have two test races before the start of the next season.

    The test races will be prob already with the car we are going to use.
    I propose to do F138 for Nordschleife and SF15-T for Monaco.

    Keep an eye on the website for Event post of these races.

    • Yep. Battery life is a bit rubbish these days though

      When I get home I will see if my new PS4 controller is the right size…

    • c’mon, don’t spend that much on that stupid box im sure there are other solutions, The buttons on your g27 shifter perhaps, or any cheap controller that just connects to your PC and is easily in range when playing

    • ok found my shifter in the garage and mounted it. removed the gear lever as i never use it anyways

  12. We need to test DRS out – Last night had a race against the improved AI (still slow though) and I could use DRS any time I was in the zones (including the start grid from pole).

  13. Refuelling – test. Just like F2002, has hardly any impact on pitstop duration so a 3-stop will require a quarter of the full fuel, 2-stop a third, 1-stop half. Is there any way anyone knows of that we can block refuelling on the server as its another part of the sim aspect of F1 (starting race on a heavy car-finishing light) that would be nice to have?

    • I believe we can influence the time it takes to add each liter, so we can certainly make it unattractive to pit!

    • It is only possible to change the refuelling speed, as Rob said. Unfortunately that requires editing the car physics file.

      Edit: I think the physics files for the F1 cars are encrypted so for now we can’t do anything.

  14. nice, so we could go with double fuel rate and then we’re getting closer to real life, so to say! Then you might plan a 1-stop on hards, find you’re struggling and come in early for 2 medium/soft stints without having to panic with pitconfig to stop it over-fuelling you like now. The tyres would become totally fluid, rather than fixed intervals like now.

    • Just a note that the F2002 compounds are meant to have different optimal temperatures but not much difference in grip or tyre life.

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