Williams FW31 League Sign-Up

Hello all,

Welcome to the new year and the announcement of a new Assetto Corsa F1 league, with the 2009 Williams FW31 car. The first league race will be at the Nürburgring on January 29th and we will be running test races for the two weekends before that.  The full schedule can be seen in the picture and in our events calendar.

League info

  • Races on Saturdays starting 20:30 Central European Time.
  • Event format: practice starts begin at 20:30, followed by 15 mins qualifying and a 50% distance race. Please join Discord at least 10 minutes beforehand.
  • Best 7 out of 9 results count for the championship. Top 12 finishers score points.
  • DLC required: dream pack 2 for Catalunya.
  • Server details can be found on the right of the page.


  • 150% tyre wear, 200% fuel usage with refuelling allowed
  • ABS is banned, other assists allowed
  • Jump start rules enabled
  • Discord attendance is compulsory
  • Drivers should also read the league rules
  • Any incidents are reviewed by an experienced team of impartial stewards.


If you would like to participate, please post a comment below and present your top 3 preferences for skins. Drivers signing up as a team (including a team name, which can be provided later) have dibs on skins. All 2009 F1 skins are available.

Active Teams

  • Toro Rosso — Storm_Cloud, ?
  • VGP Racing (Ferrari) — Jan Frajbis, Jakkinen
  • Apex Squad (Red Bull) — coret3x, Raven
  • Prawn Crackers (Brawn) — CMR_18, Ton van Egmond
  • McLaren Locomotive (McLaren) — BobbyDeacs, ?
  • Rennteam (Williams) — Emil Praga, Shayan Najam
  • CatNipDealers (BMW) — YuckierDragon, Waffen
  • Turn In Oversteer (Renault Black) — Tolomb, Marcelinho

Active Drivers

  • erodo

Inactive Drivers

  • toolo4sno
  • Rhobium
  • The_Pazman
  • Luca D'Amelio
  • piotrBellamy
  • mattreX
  • Frusty
  • shaggymark
  • bolea18
  • xNinja
  • tato-f1
  • UltraBuddha
  • Milvus
  • Arrowhead (Slice)
  • RealFalcon
  • MinedPolecat34
  • bobbo
  • Toast
  • tizzmark
  • aidan

91 thoughts on “Williams FW31 League Sign-Up

  1. I’m in :D although you already knew that ;)

    Team mate: Ton van Egmond
    Team name: Prawn Crackers (yes prawn not a typo :P)
    Livery: Brawn GP

  2. I’m in. Please not Hamilton’s skin this time – made the replays difficult to watch last season :P

    BMW or Williams if I get the choice.

    EDIT: Question – are we using the KERS or non-KERS version?

    • The car that the modders are developing with us (there are a few small problems with ground clearance etc) is the non-KERS version, so that is the default until we have tested the updated KERS version. Yes, we would like to use KERS, so long as the mods are up to scratch.

      The modified data.acd will be posted shortly in the Race Event for the Saturday test at Mugello.

  3. The CatNipDealers from way back in Codies F25 Season 8 are back!

    bobbo/BobTheDealer and MinedPolecat34.


  4. Count me in ;). I still need a team mate so if somebody is interested just send me a message :P.
    Team name and skin preferences TBA

    • Great stuff, we will find you a place. Check out the post for the Mugello test race this weekend – there are options to say if you can attend or not.

    • I am getting Checksummed out of your current league server. Any ideas? I am pretty sure my FW31 is the most recent; unless you know something I don’t.

    • We have altered the car from the original version released.

      Just download the data file from the Mugello Pre Season race thread and replace your data.acd file with that one :)

    • I’m in. Thanks. I have Discord loaded; just not signed up yet.

      I don’t think anyone picked out Toro Rosso yet; so put me down for them as an option as well.

    • The idea is that a lower setting means less engine braking, so longer braking distances and more fuel consumption, but a more stable rear end under braking. And the opposite for a high setting.

      It’s not actually related to KERS, just helps counteract the effect of harvesting under braking in cars that do have KERS.

      That all said, I haven’t tried it in this car. Not sure how big a difference it makes.

    • My setting seemed to glitch a lot when I was making setup presets for saturday. It would always go to 8/8 when I left that screen. Luckily I had buttons mapped. There are no temperature concerns with the brakes; so I guess those figures can be played with without too much consequence. It was dastardly when set on 8/8 with a default brake bias.

  5. Hello!!

    I’m back! I saw this championship recently and i would like to race. My team mate will be tato-f1.

    Toro Rosso
    Force India

    Team name: Hispania Lacing Team

    • Once you’ve had a discord account for 5 minutes you’ll be able to join the server. Just press the plus to join a server and paste in the URL.

  6. Hi, if there are any places left, count me in!

    Doesn’t really matter what team ;)
    If I really have to choose, McLaren, Toro Rosso, Force India

    • I’ll add you to the list. Post for weekend test at Hockenheim will be up soon, possibly with another data.acd from misterbeam. Edit – you’re already there

  7. hi maybe im to late now, but if there is any place i will be pleased to join. My skin doesnt bother me, but if i have to choose: Red Bull, Renault, Ferrari or Mclaren mercedes

    • Not late at all, more signups are always welcome :)

      Make sure you download the files now listed in the post above. The server is online for practice, details on the right – let us know if you have any issues.

    • They always said I was a stand up guy; even when sitting down.

      My FW31 isn’t setup anywhere near those recommendations; so this is going to be interesting. I need it though; I am fighting the car everywhere.

      Does the race timing and scoring data come from sTracker?

    • I think so, Rhobium’s the man to answer that. On the in-car side, he has packed an awful lot into the FtF Rules app now.

    • The timing stats (linked in the menu at the top) come from stracker, while we get the results directly from the game.

      Car setup is also a familiarity thing I guess. Once you find some tweaks that suit you and make it a bit more predictable to drive they’ll probably work everywhere :)

  8. Hi guys, i would like to join as a reserve driver. I want to participate in some races, but i cannot commit to the whole season. :)

  9. I forgot about the non-weekly schedule :(
    I was wondering where everyone was.
    More time to get that lap time down I guess.

    • Lol, woops. The only back-to-back pair of races is China and Bahrain I think.

      The post for Spa will be up tomorrow :)

    • Welcome Dani. See Bobby’s advice in the message just above on what stuff you need to download and install – just let us know if you get stuck.

      You can find our practice server by searching for “Flag” in the in-game server browser, that’s the best way to get familiar with the car and our race conditions.

    • Welcome on board, The rules app/car physics/skin pack is above and the track is on the race event post which is the first thing you see when entering the flag-to-flag site.

      Join server any time for practice, password is in Discord at top of #chat

    • Yes Milvus, there is still room. Make sure to install the FtF rules app and download our physics update to the VRC car – all in discussion above.

      Race days requires us all to use Discord (it’s our communication tool), server is https://discord.gg/FGvrE8d

      Join server any time for practice – put “flag” into search to find us.

  10. Would love to join the league. I race in iracing f1 as well but I have never race in AC so I wanna give it a try. Let me know how. Thank you!

    • Great stuff, see above for details of FtF app, Discord/server details etc.

      One heads-up with this car by-the-way, we are pretty much all using stability control (and a touch of traction too). It’s not very “sim-like” to do this, but there’s something odd with the geometry of this car when you clip an inside kerb, so I do recommend it as the behaviour is more realistic with than without IMO.

      Join server any time for practice, it’s up 24/7

    • Race is 8:30pm Sat (7:30 UK). Most turn up half hour or so before race for practice. Be on Discord and all will be made clear.

  11. Unfortunately I will not be able to take part for what seems to be the rest of the season.

    We are moving and will be without internet for quite some time because of some complications. But I will surely be back as soon as possible!

    I wish everyone else good luck for the last races!

    • Hi, we certainly do have free spaces. Not sure about exactly what teams because we need to check who is active but you are most welcome to join.

      Let us know if you have any queries and see you on track :)

  12. I would like to apply. I am a console convert, but I believe I have the skill to do well. Is anyone looking for a teammate?

    • There’s one race left this season, so a bit late to form a team. However, with the championship decided it’s a perfect time for you to join in and see whether you like us or not :)

      The server is available 24/7 for practise, use of Discord is mandatory on race days – it’s our means of communication (when my headset works!). Password for server is in chat heading. Ftf rules app also mandatory. Any other info is also above.

      Great to see new faces on track.

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