FtF DIRT Rally league 2 – sign up

Hello rally fans,

We are about to start a new DIRT Rally League. It is a new format that consists of 6 Events spread over November and December.

Each Event has 6 stages, 4 short and 2 long and takes place in one specific country. Two car classes per Event will be used in the stages. Also weather will play a part again. The schedule is going to be Tuesdays starting at 21:00 Amsterdam time, with a 1 week break mid-season.

Caldendar (provisional):

  1. November 8th – Germany – 60s & 2010
  2. November 15th – Finland – 70s & R4
  3. November 22nd – Monaco – 80s & 2000s
  4. December 6th – Sweden – Group B (4wd) & KitCars F2
  5. December 13th – Wales – Group B (rwd) & Group A
  6. December 20th – Pikes Peak – 2x modern & 2x classic
    (Modern on Full Tarmac / Classic on Mixed Surface)

If you are interested in participating, just mention so in the comments.

14 thoughts on “FtF DIRT Rally league 2 – sign up

  1. Hey, is there any possible way the league could be held on a Tuesday or Friday at the same time? I understand I’m only one person and I’m asking to change the time just because of me, but if that means you get one more member, I would think that’s a reasonable request. Obviously if this meant any current member wouldn’t be able to attend, then by all means don’t change it. Either way, I’ll most likely be able to attend the last 3 rounds even if you don’t change the time. Thanks :D

  2. Just like to mention, that the day is not set in stone. The goal is to get as much  drivers possible.

    Let us know your availability.

  3. I’d like to try this out , never played DR so this will be something new. I can only do Wednesday evenings tho :| (if we start 8:30 European, if its 9 then I can make it any evening [dont just change for me tho]) also I don’t even own the game yet ill have to buy it :P

  4. I’m fine with doing it at 9.

    30 minutes won’t change that much. The whole event doesn’t take much longer than an hour anyway

  5. Can’t drive on wednesday for the next 6 or 7 weeks. Also I’m more into F1 2016 these days, so I won’t practice much for Dirt Rally.

    Monday, tuesday and thursday all seem fine to me right now.

  6.  The start of the league will be postponed by one week. Also race day will be on Tuesday’s.  Updated calendar will come available shortly.

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