Formula Renault 3.5 AC Championship Sign-Up

Flag-to-Flag would like to announce our new midweek autumn league.

The Formula Renault 3.5 2014 car from Virtua Simulazioni will be the vehicle of choice for our new midweek sprint championship. The format is the same as last season:

  • 2 races per event
  • 10 mins qualifying, 20 mins race
  • Assists allowed
  • TeamSpeak attendance mandatory
  • Best 10 results count (out of 12 races)
  • Downforce package set to high (HDF) for the whole season

Day – This league will run on Wednesday evenings throughout the autumn.

Timings (Europe/Amsterdam) – event starts at 20:30, please be on TS 15 minutes beforehand. Server will always be open for practice.

Calendar – The calendar is in the picture and can also be found in our events calendar.

DownloadsAC Formula Renault 3.5 (v1.1)AC FtF Rules App (v4.2). Track links will be made available in due course. Also check out our list of recommended apps.

Sign Ups – Comment below to state your participation in the league and you will be added to the list.

Confirmed Drivers:

  1. CMR_18
  2. xNinja
  3. Frenzy
  4. puluminati
  5. Yuckierdragon
  6. Ton van Egmond
  7. Shayan Najam
  8. Emil Praga
  9. BobbyDeacs
  10. j0shter
  11. MrLaney32
  12. BioForce
  13. Antonio J Vincens
  14. Ruben Calvero
  15. Marci GTR
  16. reckonair
  17. Galin Dimov
  18. Michael Bourn
  19. DC_Django
  20. cuadradas12
  21. john_lowden
  22. Norik
  23. PedroRC
  24. Imantao
  25. Cassius

57 thoughts on “Formula Renault 3.5 AC Championship Sign-Up

    • of course you can join its open to everyone :) and feel free to use custom liveries but obviously we wont be able to see it, that’s how AC works :(

    • Welcome :) and bringing friends, even better.

      I reckon we can distribute custom skins if you’re keen to make one.

    • If the server host sets it up correctly, then skins can be used if everyone has a copy of them, If you need a hand with this let me know

      Also Mr Laney would be racing under the team aswell :)

  1. Hello everyone,

    I would like to take part in this series, was directed here by Josh. I am an experienced racer and always looking to have close fair and hard racing. Look forward to seeing you all on track!

  2. Hi Chaps! I´d like to join you guys in this championship. I´m experienced but with average skills :-) See you next wednesday, or earlier for practice.

    • The track downloads will be on the results and standings page under the ‘FR3.5 League’ tab on the top bar of the website – this will be added later today :)

      Also track downloads will also be on the event posts (event posts are online Sunday before the race, so tomorrow) but the results and standings page will be active all the time for you to download the tracks when we put them on

      Here is a link:

    • so we will assign Josh etc. with their skins and if you have his skin downloaded you will see it, if you do not have the skin it will fill it in with another (on your screen)

  3. Admins, just to let you know, Michael Bourn, John_Lowden and Lux Peklaj will all be racing under JMR also, in order to make it clear we’re going to submit 3 liveries with colour variations by the end of tonight :)

  4. Hi guys. I would like to join the series. Will be driving for Josh Martin Racing. Using JMR_lux livery please. Thanks

    Norik – Luka Peklaj

  5. I’m afraid that I will no longer be able to compete in the championship.

    I’m involved with Real life racing on the 16th Nov and on the Last Round I am in Paris with a sponsor event.

    As a result I would like to remove myself from the championship.


  6. Count me in now as well. also when are the servers going up? there is something about practicing offline that makes me feel like i am wasting my time

  7. I’d like to join you guys if I could. I new to league racing but I’m no fool and will do my best to keep it clean.

  8. Hey everyone, Doubt anyone remembers me :)

    Wanting to get back into this league as i have a little bit of spare time from work and college now :) Wednesdays are literally the only day off for me o_o

    If its possible i’d like to join back to this league:)


  9. Just a single F1 league at the moment. We may start running 2 leagues again in the future, but lots of possibilities including F1 2017 which is starting to get much better reviews. Whatever, we hope to get a sim league alongside a more “fun” league going at some point.

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