Monaco Feature Event

Yo all,

With the upcoming Grand Prix of Monaco, we are organizing a Feature Event. We never use this track in our league races for good reason, but a shame nonetheless.

Our Feature event consists of (2x):

  • 1 qualification lap
  • 5 lap sprint race
  • 20 min feature race (reverse grid from sprint result)

For the 1st feature we are going to use the Kunos (non-DLC) GT3 cars and for the 2nd the RSR F3 car.

AC_Monaco_OSRW (230 downloads) RSR_F3 (v3.1, 472 downloads)

Hope to see you guys on track.


13 thoughts on “Monaco Feature Event

    • Hello Jan, I am sorry to disappoint you. DLC2 is not in my possession :(
      Definitely hope to remedy the situation in the future.

      We got BMW z4 gt3, mclaren mp412c gt3 and mercedes sls gt3 to choose from.

    • I know that this business with DLCs is wrong, but best GT3 cars are in them and guys racing here should have it because we raced in Barcelona (DLC2).

      And hey, it´s not so expensive also (even in sales). You´ll twice make a coffee at home and not buy it in Starbucks and money are in the pocket :D (just joking)

      From my opinion, these three cars are not so good, so I´ll change my attendance to Maybe and we´ll see :)

    • Good point, Storm_Cloud. That was def the case for me. For me personally, only the DLC pack#1 was worthwhile because of the Nordschleife.

      Also, this upcoming event is mostly about having a good time racing other fair drivers. So we want to be make it as accessible as possible.

  1. Hi, we should start in 90 minutes And i Dont know what track mod se use And There is not a F3 mód, or i can not see IT ?

    • Yeah, the plan was to have the download up by 14:00. However, my HD crashed and died.

      I have just now the basics going.

  2. Server shows me I have not unavaible content (track). I did restart and everything and it does not work, anybody knows what with it?

  3. Enjoyed the racing and especially the novelty of driving the SLS. The Dallara is a great drive as ever, I think that steering ratio needs adjusting though – 5 minutes job to fix it.

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