Holiday FtF F1 concept sprint Event

Hello all,

To fill up the gap between league seasons, we got some fun events lined up.

We will start off with a sprint event using a F1 concept car. It is a beast to drive and sounds the part with a V12 engine. The event setup will be a 3 min qualifying then a 5 lap race. Then another 5 lap race on the same track with random grid.

Race/car setting:

  • ABS will be available for whoever wants to use it
  • 100% track grip
  • 18 cars available
  • Point scoring will be similar as used in the ACF1 league

The following tracks  will be raced on:

  1. Monza
  2. Hockenheim
  3. Imola
  4. Spa

The car can be downloaded at the link below:

Hope to see you all on track.

7 thoughts on “Holiday FtF F1 concept sprint Event

  1. Birthday present means I’ll be away in about 2 hours and not back for weekend – I knew something was going on. We are also away 27th with no room in car for T300. Interesting to see how the Ferrari stacks up for league racing, it’s awesome to drive but likes pointing the wrong way sometimes as well.

    I’ll be back – have fun :)


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