ACF1 League – British GP

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Remco Majoor Numb Nut Racing (Manor)01:34.601 42:09.475 25
2 Raven Sauber21:34.741 +8.366 18
3 Rhobium Motivated Geeks (Mercedes)11:33.649 +13.389 15
4 shaggymark 51:34.456 +25.428 12
5 Mikey 01:33.526 +53.213 10
6 Ukyo Kommando Dünnpfiff (Williams)21:35.122 +53.910 8
7 Bratwurst Kommando Dünnpfiff (Williams)71:35.184 +1:01.384 6
8 YuckierDragon Kers CrackERS (Ferrari)31:35.405 +1:19.212 5
9 include76 Blue Bulls (Red Bull)31:34.950 +1:22.371 4
10 bolea18 Spanishers (Force India)21:36.388 +1:25.638 3
11 FCR Senna Toro Rosso61:36.519 +1:29.486 2
12 mattreX Sauber41:36.271 +1 Lap 1
13 Ton van Egmond Mcflurry Honda (McLaren)31:35.713 +2 Laps 0
14 MinedPolecat34 Kers CrackERS (Ferrari)11:35.383 +2 Laps 0
15 SirRobSmith Motivated Geeks (Mercedes)01:36.680 DNF (15L) 0
16 Asterix Numb Nut Racing (Manor)91:35.644 DNF (12L) 0
17 John Stingu 11:36.862 +1 Lap 0
18 Dani Andres 151:34.752 DNF (8L) 0

Replay file:  acf1@silverstone_20150718212406 (34 downloads)

Thanks to @YuckierDragon, here’s the race highlights:

30 thoughts on “ACF1 League – British GP

  1. I have to play in a concert (it starts at 20:00), so it will be impossible for me to take part in the race. I hope I am free to participe in the second race, I’m looking forward to racing with you!

  2. John Stingu’s behavior was unacceptable. Australian preseason race, he hit me when he was a lapped car and he hit me again in Silverstone start. It was unacceptable, he deserves a penalty. I would like to say that include and  YuckierDragon should be more patients. They were 3-4 seconds faster than me and, particularly include, he hit me when he should wait a corner, but i understand them. I don’t undersand what happened with Senna & Include last lap. I would like to see the video.

    • Hello Bolea, I can understand your frustration. However, posts in which people are publicly accused of incidents, we do not allow. We have a proper procedure in doing so.

      If you feel wronged during the race, you can report that incident to one of the Stewards, being @Rhobium or @YuckierDragon. The incident will then be judged and the results are posted usually end of the week after a race.

    • Ok, sorry. I only explain my situation and, after watching the replay, include incident doesn’t matter.

      The race was too difficult, particularly at the end because i was on medium with more than 15 laps and i lost too much time. But a good final result with 3 points. Looking forward to practice in Hungary :)

    • here is what happened with me and include on last lap , it is what it is personally I think he could of left me more room and still made the pass I mean he knew I was there and I couldn’t just disappear but whatever seems like every race ive had now theres been something.

    • Thanks for the video, we will look at the incident.

      A note to everyone: please send reports via private message to the stewards, not in public.

    • ok sorry for posting here mate but was just answering boleas question to what happened to us on last lap wasn’t really reporting it.

    • (@FCR Senna) Hmmm, strange, here my POV … i wanna give enoth space but it was not enoth :-( (it looks a way closer in your POV) :-/

      Last Lap:

    • (@bolea18) … Sorry for that “push” ! (was far from my intention)
      … here my POV from the Last 3 Laps ..

      Lap 23 – 26

  3. i am pleased with p7 at the end.

    had barely no time to practice last week, so i think its the best i could have hoped for.

    looking forward to hungary, quite like this track.

  4. Here my POV from the first Lap : (omg)

    i am not sure but i think it was “Asterix” who give me the “kick” … (i hope ac will give “us” a setting to reduce this overpowered .. collision physics … currently they are a way to high :-((

    .. after the heavy crash in Lap 2 i “rage” decited to go back to Pits to get out of this “pack” :-/
    … = 1:05 down after 2 laps .. omg.


    Full Lenght Video is uploading … i post it later :-/


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