DIRT Rally Season 2 – Round 1 – Germany

# Driver Car TimePts
1 Chicane Renault Alpine A110 & Ford Fiesta RS 25:55.93625
2 Frenzy Renault Alpine A110 & Ford Fiesta RS +44.51418
3 puluminati Renault Alpine A110 & Ford Fiesta RS +1:11.99715
4 bobbo Renault Alpine A110 & VW Polo Rally +3:01.19512
5 NERDsBulletBurn Mini Cooper S & Ford Fiesta RS +3:01.24310
6 Firebirdtje Mini Cooper S & VW Polo Rally +5:05.9388

Hello everybody,
After more than half a year, it’s time again to bring some real motorsport back to Flag-to-Flag. The first Event of the new DiRT Rally League, next Tuesday 9:00 (Amsterdam Time) only on FTF. It will take place at the most beautiful of all the countries in the universe, of course I am talking about Germany.

The format is gonna be slightly different in season 2. Instead of changing countries, we will change the cars halfway through the event. For this week the first 3 Stages, as seen below, will be done with the 60’s cars (Lancia Fulvia, Mini Cooper, Renault A110). After that we will have a short break and switch to the 2010’s cars (Volkswagen Polo, Ford Fiesta, Mini Cooper Countryman, Hyundai i20).

Make sure to avoid any “Hinkelsteine” and as the old, wise, german rally legend Walter Röhrl once said:
“Good drivers have the remains of flies on their side windows”

Country : Germany

  1. Waldabstieg [Sprint] – Morning/Overcast – 60’s
  2. Verbundsring [Sprint] – Morning/Rain – 60’s
  3. Ruschberg [Long] – Midday/Clear – 60’s
  4. Flugzeugring Reverse [Sprint] – Midday/Clear – 2010’s
  5. Kreuzungsring [Sprint] –  Night/Clear – 2010’s
  6. Oberstein [Long] – Morning/Overcast – 2010’s

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    • The start originally was november 2nd and then got pushed back a week. But somehow the event post took a while to create.

  1. only just bought the game and didnt have enough dick space to DL it :@ , i’m gonna make it next event!

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