Season 7 of the F25 League is HERE! (closed)

Hello everybody, welcome to a new F25 season of Codemasters F1 2014!

Just as promised we will start a new F25 league, this being season 7. With previous champions such as Mystro, Scottydog69uk and MinedPolecat34 competing as well, this promises to be a great season. To no one’s surprise, we’ll be racing in Codemasters’ new F1 2014 game. This game brings a new challenge and maybe even some new glories. We at Flag-to-Flag are looking forward to a new season of spectacular overtakes, amazing battles and most of all, a load of fun and fair racing.

As per usual for the F25 league, we will allow all assists that are available in the game. That said, we strongly recommend that drivers don’t use the braking, steering or pit assists – for obvious reasons these may lead to unnecessary collisions.

To sign up, just post a comment on this article. In the F25 you can choose your teammate and team name. Once you have a teammate, you should give 3 preferences for which car you will drive (a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice). Try to arrange a team before you sign up, so you can give us your team name and car preferences all at once. If you sign up without a teammate, we will fix you up with a fellow driver in an available car (note that teams have priority for choosing cars).

Below are the Race Settings and our race Calendar.

Race Settings:

  • 15 minutes Qualifying
  • 25% Race
  • Dynamic Weather
  • Assists: Allowed
  • Safety Car: off
  • Parc fermé: on
  • Rules and Flags: Corner Cutting only
  • Car Damage Simulation: Full

Race Calendar:

  • Season start: Saturday 1st November
  • 2 Races per evening, every Saturday at 9pm (Central European Time)
  • Race order follows the official FIA F1 2014 calendar
  • Your best 15 results out of 19 races will be awarded points
  • No races on 27th December (Christmas break)

Thanks for reading this post and we hope to see you on track in Australia!

Best regards,


20 thoughts on “Season 7 of the F25 League is HERE! (closed)

  1. Team: Wheelspin Warriors (could change)

    Team Members: Puluminati and Frenzy

    Car Preferrences: 1. Williams
    2. Sauber
    3. Force India

  2. I am in.
    Team: Daro and Texxon
    Teamname DaroTexx
    Car Preferrences: 1. Mercedes
    2. RedBull
    3. Williams
    4. McLaren
    6.Force India
    7. Lotus
    8. Torro Rosso

  3. Signing up as well.

    Unfortunately not sure how much I am able to drive in this league due to emigration process, therefore I dont sign up as a team and let myself be appointed to one.


  4. Alright… I’ll give this one last try, I want to believe that now that I’m in a decent enough mood I won’t get screwed over as often…

    Team: None yet.

    Car: I’d like the Merc ofc, but if I can’t have it, I’d take the Force India, I like it :-]

  5. I am in!

    Team name: None

    Car preference: I’ll take any other than the Marussia and Caterham, they are a nightmare to drive! Happy to be paired with any driver, look forward to working with them!

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