1. Can I be in reserve? I’m still learning how to ride (the last game is F1 2013 and I forgot, I was weak without any help) and I am waiting for the new G29 steering wheel. Maybe I would enter the next races. It depends on whether I can ride and not break you down.

  2. I have an RSS Hybrid 2018. In a week I am going back to CH, and there will be a new steering wheel waiting for me. Then training. If I train something, I will come to you. And how about the settings on G29? Because I searched the Internet and there is a lot of it. I do not see settings for single seaters car.

  3. Hello friends. I was not there for a long time. But if Kubica comes back, I will probably come back. I already have AC and I am waiting for the G29 steering wheel. First, I have to train a lot. I have not driven anything since 2014. Any advice?
    I greet you

  4. I am excited about the new season in the new game …


    I suggest, however, postpone the start of the season (I do not want to leave this ….) …

    November 1 will not be able to attend ….