Anniversary League – Minigames

Hello all,

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To start our Anniversary League, we begin with the Minigames Event.

The schedule will remain a surprise, but if you want to get an impression on what to expect just check out the promo we made for the previous edition.

We have some returning minigames such as rainbow road and cat’nMouse and some new minigames will be introduced as well.

If anything, you don’t want to miss the Minigames Event with  its high hilarity level. Make sure to clear your schedule for the evening because it could take about 2,5-3 hours to complete.

Just fill in the attendancy list to secure your spot.


# Driver Pts
1 Rhobium 59
2 YuckierDragon 56
3 MinedPolecat34 52
4 SirRobSmith 45
5 Pepe 42
6 CMR_18 37
7 Shayan Najam 33
8 Puluminati 26

Congrats to Pepe with 3 event wins and Yuck, Polecat, Cameron and Pulu with 2 wins each :)

6 thoughts on “Anniversary League – Minigames

  1. It was terrific fun as ever. The sleeper car was the most hilarious :P

    I’ve added the results above.

  2. This was a nice event, like old times! I will upload some of the races in a couple of days, I will put them in the video gallery :)

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