ACF1 League – Preseason Race – Melbourne

A couple of important announcements ahead of our pre-season league race:

  • v2.6 of the ACF1 car has been releasedWe’ve made some adjustments to the tyre wear and added a few more skins, but your existing setups are safe ;)
  • There is a package of compulsory apps you must install to take part in the league.

All drivers should download these files from the updated ACF1 Required Content page.

Meanwhile, our pre-season test event will take place at Melbourne, Australia – download link is in the league calendar. We’ll be running a 40% distance (23 laps) race, and we’ll also try some practice starts before qualifying, to hopefully make turn 1 a bit safer ;)

Here’s a highlights video of the race, thanks to @YuckierDragon :)

15 thoughts on “ACF1 League – Preseason Race – Melbourne

    • Nope, you could technically drive on one set of tires the whole race, since the game does not have a way to enfore it. But since it’s a 40% race, I would suggest you would do a pits stop :P. Also you could only drive with one type of tire. Or chose all three of them if you feel like it.

  1. I was wondering, and I’m too impatient to wait until this evening.

    Do we have to turn on stability assist on by ourselves, or is it on automatically on the server?

    • If you’d like to use stability assist, you have to turn it on yourself. You can do this by choosing practice mode from the menu, configuring your assists in the session setup bit and going to track – then your assists should be kept when you go online.

      Naturally, it’s completely optional :)

    • Some drivers do use it, quite a lot don’t. Your laptimes will catch up a lot once you’ve driven more laps, simple as that ;)

  2. People have been asking for my setup from my hotlap video:

    So here are the values I changed.

    Front Wing – 33

    Rear Wing – 34

    Brake Bias – 59

    Front (L/R) Toe – 4

    Rear (L/R) Toe – 5

    Fast Rebound (All) – 2000

    Dif Power – 35% (only change if you are comfortable with oversteer)

    Dif Coast – 35%

    Dif Preload – 20Nm

    ARB Front – 100,000

    ARB Rear – 45,000

    Travel Range Front (L/R) – 40

    Wheel Rate Rear (L/R) – 90

    Height Rear (L/R) – 26

    Travel Range Rear (L/R) – 60

    Doubt I’ll be able to race due to a couple reasons, so have a good race!

    • Thankx Carlos, much appreciated :)

      I will try to make a compilation video of all the coming league races for everybody’s enjoyment.

    • thx for the video, enrico :P

      what concerns me a bit is the high amount of incidents when people try to overtake.

      especially in the first few laps there were lots of preventable crashes if you ask me.

      hope people keep a cool mind in silverstone, the races are long and mostly there is no

      need to force things.

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