AC SF15-T League – Abu Dhabi GP

Race Video:

SF15-R8-Yas-Replay (293 downloads)

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Shayan Najam Rennteam (Toro Rosso)01:45.212 50:13.436 25
2 Emil Praga Ferrari Wanna Bees (Ferrari)11:44.733 +3.261 18
3 Thomas Mercedes11:44.949 +8.030 15
4 Storm_Cloud Mercedes21:45.122 +8.323 12
5 Jan Frajbis Haas01:45.236 +9.872 10
6 Waffen 21:45.391 +19.056 8
7 BobbyDeacs Teenage Ninja Tortoise (Renault) 01:46.953 +1:15.169 6
8 CMR_18 Freestylers (Sauber)01:47.092 +1:38.881 5
9 coret3x The X-men (Red Bull)01:48.712 +1:50.005 4

3 thoughts on “AC SF15-T League – Abu Dhabi GP

  1. Hello! Going to be a tough race this weekend. Are there any plans for penalising cutting that’s not covered by the app? Just in case I miss it on TS again :)

    • We have only identified one area: it’s not allowed to use the second pit lane exit before turn 11 (end of the second DRS straight) to get a better entry to that corner.

      From now on there’ll be a short drivers meeting on TS at 20:30 when the event begins, before we do the practice starts, just for a couple of minutes. Yuck will introduce it this weekend. We hope this will give a clearer opportunity to make sure everyone is familiar with any particular rules :)

    • Yes, touching the tarmac right of that curb will be considered a corner cut.
      Also the pit exit will be investigated.

      Unfortunately, I wont be able to be there tonight because I am sick :( BobbyDeacs will be the racing director for tonight.

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