AC FW31 League – Australian GP

Melbourne – 29 Laps

Replay: FW31 Australia GP Replay (591 downloads) | Track Mod: AC Melbourne Track

Race Video:

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Emil Praga Rennteam (Williams)31:25.597 42:35.289 25
2 Jan Frajbis VGP Racing (Ferrari)11:25.600 +1.336 18
3 CMR_18 Prawn Crackers (Brawn)31:25.867 +26.657 15
4 BobbyDeacs McLaren Locomotive (McLaren)11:26.011 +38.435 12
5 Luca D'Amelio IPS (Renault)21:27.129 +41.680 10
6 coret3x Apex Squad (Red Bull)21:27.458 +43.953 8
7 erodo 31:27.226 +1:27.319 6
8 piotrBellamy Toro Rosso11:26.794 +1 Lap 5
9 toolo4sno Force India31:27.873 +1 Lap 4
10 The_Pazman 11:30.291 +3 Laps 3
11 Jakkinen VGP Racing (Ferrari)91:28.930 DNF (+25L) 0
12 Shayan Najam Rennteam (Williams)111:47.044 DNF (+28L) 0

As the F1 action kicks off again in 2017 we’ll be syncing up with the real calendar at Albert Park. Normal pit and corner cutting rules apply.

WARNING to all drivers – pitconfig app is now dead, replaced by built-in pit strategy explained here.

18 thoughts on “AC FW31 League – Australian GP

  1. In case you didnt readmessages on right:-

    BobbyDeacs: Also you may need to edit \system\cfg\pitstop.ini. I will for sure with triple-screen as its shown on far right. All a bit clumsy IMO, but progress of sorts.

    BobbyDeacs: WARNING to all drivers – pitconfig app is now dead, replaced by built-in pit strategy explained here.

    • FORM_ALIGNMENT_V=2 in order for OBJECT_POS_Y=65 to register any changes.

      This is my positioning. In a 98T it’s within the cockpit just to the left and above the F9 leaderboard strip.


      I am loving the new pit app. Yes it’s very close to pitconfig, but tied in so much better with changes available in setup.

  2. Pitstop thing seems all right.

    It’s really building the anticipation for the new F1 season driving around the same track as real life. Especially after India, which I don’t like at all.

  3. The pit thing is fine, I was just expecting a bit more imagination from Kunos really. They have held back the D-pad/arrow keys from us for years (would have been nice to use them to adjust brakes forward/back, for example) and I was hoping that when they finally revealed why they reserved them, it would be for something more than just a copy of pitconfig.exe with tyre pressures added.

    Melbourne is great fun, not a shitty Tilke corner in sight.

  4. when saving setup, for example “a1.ini”, you also save the pitconfig/strategies setup in a separate file “a1.sp”. You can also edit that in in notepad (copy pressure from a1.ini etc)

  5. Need some more practice for an actual race. I prob would get DSQ-ed anyway for all the expected corner cuts. Check u guys on the next one.

    Have fun in the park ;)

  6. Apologies for missing the race – friends turned up at an inopportune moment. Really disappointed having looked at the laptimes.

  7. The corner-cutting detection was a bit too harsh at the left-hand part of the fast chicane (T11).

    With those warnings removed we had no corner cutting penalties at all, I think for Melbourne that’s an FtF record :)

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