RSS Hybrid / SF17-T Test Event at Melbourne

Finally, we get around to testing these cars wheel-to-wheel to decide which car to use in our up-and-coming Formula 1 League. The first race will be with the SF17-T (you need the Red Pack DLC as this car is based on the SF15-T, but a lot faster!), the second race will be with the RSS Hybrid available from RSS for 4 Euros. Race format will be:-

  • Practice SF17-T & RSS Hybrid – get there as early as possible
  • 15 min qualifying with SF17-T starting at 20:30 CET (19:30 UK)
  • 12-lap race, starting on full fuel and Ultrasofts. Wear etc all at 200%, so it’s really to simulate the 1st stint plus a few laps. Please start 2nd stint on a different compound.
  • Repeat quali/race with RSS Hybrid circa 21:15 CET (20:15 UK)

Tyres available – ultras, supers and softs.

The 2 DRS zones have now been defined on the server.

  1. Detection: Line just before c14, Start: DRS marker, End: End of first straight
  2. Detection: Apex of corner 1, Start: Line just after exit kerb starts, End: End of second straight.

Downloads for this event:-

  1. ACRL DRS App (1640 downloads)
  2. AC FtF Rules App (v4.2, 1252 downloads)
  3. AC Melbourne Track (v1.02, 999 downloads)
  4. AC Melbourne DRS Zones (237 downloads) – Optional (place in track’s data folder)
  5. data.acd to replace the file in /cars/ks_ferrari_sf15t (rename existing file to data.acd.kunos first)

Hope to see a good turnout for this important event. Will update you ASAP on progress with modelling, we are currently having issues with tyre re-sizing and DRS animation. If anyone is an expert or knows of an expert, please get (them) in touch with Cameron!

See you on track, Captain Slow :)

8 thoughts on “RSS Hybrid / SF17-T Test Event at Melbourne

  1. I dont have RSS car and im not going to buy it, unless you decide its much better and we´ll go with that. For me, its great that setups from SF15 can be used on SF17 and there are no setups for RSS when i was searching for it.

    • We need to ask the right questions – not just which car is preferred – as some people may not have/intend to have the SF15T either.

  2. Sorry guys, got an important interview tomorrow morning. I need to properly prepare for that.

    I am confident you guys choose the right car for our next League.

    • You did well and great to have you on board. Join us on Discord next time (server Flag-to-Flag) and make sure you have all the apps mentioned in post (we do all our race communications by Discord). We weren’t quite on the same mission tonight as you may have gathered, but that’s fine :)

  3. Post-event thoughts from me:-

    It is clear that the RSS didn’t go down well “overall” given the number of spin-outs and quits. The post-race poll was 80% against it as well.

    However, its also clear that the SF17T needs more work and some characteristics of the RSS are actually favourable. I don’t think it’s the grip per-say, it’s more the “tightness” for want of a better word – it’s too tight. I will adjust accordingly (preserving the “fun” element), get some testing done & post the next event/update server ASAP for Canada test.

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