ACF1 League – Hungarian GP

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Remco Majoor Numb Nut Racing (Manor)01:23.202 50:14.866 25
2 Rhobium Motivated Geeks (Mercedes)01:23.390 +1.563 18
3 MinedPolecat34 Kers CrackERS (Ferrari)11:24.459 +39.541 15
4 YuckierDragon Kers CrackERS (Ferrari)51:24.281 +52.046 12
5 FCR Senna Toro Rosso71:25.092 +1 Lap 10
6 include76 Blue Bulls (Red Bull)31:24.166 +1 Lap 8
7 Peter Lonnrot Toro Rosso61:25.839 +1 Lap 6
8 Emil Praga 31:25.254 DNF (27L) 0
9 Asterix Numb Nut Racing (Manor)31:23.146 DNF (20L) 0
10 DEADLYMIX 21:26.074 DNF (19L) 0
11 Dani Andres 61:25.868 DNF (10L) 0
12 przemotg 51:22.517 DSQ 0
13 bolea18 Spanishers (Force India)31:25.564 DSQ 0

Replay file:  acf1@hungaroring_20150725212334 (15 downloads)

Here’s Yuck’s highlights compilation, superb as always :)

26 thoughts on “ACF1 League – Hungarian GP

  1. I’m on holiday, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to make this race. I’m looking forward to watching the replay, though.

  2. I´m on holiday  too. I won´t be able to make the next two races. See you in Canada guys :)

  3. unless you are all really eager on having all the formula 1 tracks on the calendar, I don’t think this poor quality should be on the calendar.

    • You haven’t seen the quality of the alternatives :P

      And yes, we are eager to sync up with the real calendar where we can :)

  4. Hi guys,  i had a surgical operation 3 days before the race of Silverstone. The operation was simple but i have to be in rest 2 weeks. I ll try everything to race in Hungary but i see it difficult.

  5. I knew it was going to be very difficult for me to arrive on time. I arrived just 5 min before the start of the race, and luckily I entered the server 30 seconds before the start. But I asked in TS if I was allowed to race, and someone said to me that I couldn’t. It was a shame, but I understand the decision.

  6. I overtake Pikkerson in my last lap. I read all league rules and there is no information about how long is the race for the lapped cars. I was faster much faster than him and include and i can’t finish the race.

    • We follow the same rules as Formula 1: when the leader finishes the race, everyone else can only complete that lap. Hopefully you heard me say “Last lap” over teamspeak.

      There is currently a bug in AC that allows you to carry on racing, but that will be fixed in the upcoming v1.2 update.

  7. Here’s my race video from the live stream:

    1 thousandth off pole, 35 grueling race laps and I lose out on the pitstop minigame – just my luck. Also watch out for a few kerb-induced 4 wheel drifts :P

    • My question to you. On your first accident, how did you judge how much space was left in between you and senna? Did you use helicorsa for that or your own coordination?

    • @Remco Majoor: Did you use helicorsa for that or your own coordination?
      own coordination … helicorsa only on the “straight line” .. to get a “feel” how much space is.

    • hopefully next race we can stay clear of each other , after that first race I started relying on helicorsa after some advice from someone on youtube and I have too say its like a third eye very useful, anyway no hard feelings I hope as I think I did come off worse as I had to pit a couple of laps later as the damage was making it very hard to control otherwise I would of only made the 1 stop.

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