Webber elated by the big news!

Flag-to-Flag is celebrating its 5th birthday!
We sent one of our correspondents to see former F1 driver Mark Webber and ask him what he thought about our big news. Webber burst out in an explosive expression of joy.  “That is amazing news, I am so proud of those guys” he replied while adding another jump. Unrestrained he added “Yeah mate, you guys have worked so hard to provide a fair and fun environment for online racers. Respect mate.” A bit flabbergasted we left the interview thanking Webber profusely for his high praises of our community.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, FtF is proud to present the Anniversary League. This League will span 4 Saturday evenings from the 8th till the 29th of July. Only 3 Event results will be counted for your total score. The planning is not fixed yet, but we have the Events pinned down. This is what to expect (in no particular order):

  • Minigames Event: We got some old and some new, so we are very excited how it turns out. If we consider the results of the previous minigames, we should have a great evening.
  • Endurance Event: This will be one of the longest races we have ever organized. The 2 hours of the Nordschleife (DLC#1). Race will be driven with GT3 cars and increased damage modifiers. This can turn out to be brutal for some. Assists will be allowed to help you out a bit.
  • Feature Event: 1-lap quali, 5 lap race and 20 min race in reverse result order on two different tracks. One sure combination is the Ferrari concept car on the Monza66 full course track. Weird combo? We are about to find out.
  • Classic Sprint Event: Four different cars and tracks from your grandpa’s time spread over 8 races.

No need to sign up, just make sure to fill in the attendancy list for each Event post to guarantee your spot on the grid. If you are very keen to participate in a certain event but can’t make it on all of them then post a comment on this post with your availability and favourite Event. We will try our very best to accommodate you. Cyall on track.


8 thoughts on “Webber elated by the big news!

  1. Can’t be there for the minigames :(. Atleast it will save you guys a lot of confusion during Cat N’ Mouse ;).

    • That is a bummer, Ninja.

      We got the minigames fixed on 8th of July, because that will be the day that all original siteleaders will be able to attend for sure.

  2. Sadly i am on vacation, so i miss the first two and i would have loved to race on the Nordschleife. I wish you all good fun though ;)

    • Hey Marcelhino,

      The 2 hours of Nordschleife will prob be on the 29th of July. Like I said in the post, the planning wasnt fixed yet.

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