AC SF15-T League – Japanese GP

Race Video:

Replay : SF15-R4-Suzuka-replay (335 downloads)

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Emil Praga Ferrari Wanna Bees (Ferrari)21:35.361 43:53.415 25
2 Raven Rennteam (Toro Rosso)51:35.817 +27.516 18
3 Jan Frajbis Haas11:35.826 +22.876 15
4 Shayan Najam Rennteam (Toro Rosso)31:35.539 +34.330 12
5 Storm_Cloud Mercedes11:36.102 +35.465 10
6 xNinja Teenage Ninja Tortoise (Renault) 11:36.966 +36.389 8
7 YuckierDragon Ferrari Wanna Bees (Ferrari)11:36.773 +47.945 6
8 Thomas Mercedes61:35.907 +49.207 5
9 coret3x The X-men (Red Bull)21:36.403 +1:10.864 4
10 BobbyDeacs Teenage Ninja Tortoise (Renault) 11:37.188 +1 Lap 3
11 Galin Dimov Balkan Racing (Ferrari)11:38.050 DNF (21L) 2
12 CMR_18 Freestylers (Sauber)01:43.793 DNF (5L) 0

10 thoughts on “AC SF15-T League – Japanese GP

  1. What. A. Track. Feels pretty slim in places and pitlane entry might be the cause of some tears if you’re right behind someone who boxes. Should be fun though.

  2. Considering I did 2 laps before I joined the server I think being 3 secs off in Q and then crashing 3 times in 5 Laps isnt bad :P lol, I joke, I will practice more next time :)

  3. Wasn’t happy at all with this, had a good launch but nowhere to go at the start per usual. Got into a decent position but kept making mistakes and decided to go for a 0 stop. Even though it was a bad decision, wasn’t a big fan of a few moves that were pulled towards the latter part of the race.

  4. This was enjoyable. Had many problems but overall this track combined with watching F1 race today gave me a very nice weekend. I hope that we sync up more races to the same track as F1.

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