F2002 Pre-Season Test Race 3

Our next test event will take place on Saturday 26th March at Sochi Autodrome. We will have the usual 15 minute qualifying session followed by a 28 lap race.

You can download the track here: Sochi Track.  A link to download the F2002 car can be found on the required content page. Please let us know if you encounter technical issues with the track, thank you.

The League Sign-Up post will be available tomorrow.

See you all on track!

8 thoughts on “F2002 Pre-Season Test Race 3

  1. Same problem for everyone, we will have it sorted by the start of the season. This car needs more grip until the devs fix the rear temps, which I think they will – they seem really keen.

    Tonight goes ahead as per practice. I managed to adjust setup so I could get 7 really good laps out of softs and 9 OK ones. I thought I’d cracked it, then tried same setup using mediums and got barely 6 laps from them.

  2. Post race thoughts: well this went really bad. Was catching up on 2nd place when I discovered I had 120C in my rears and then I lost control. I wonder how you all managed to prevent this heating. Not use to tire preservation in my earlier races :).

  3. I think it was realistic. I tried to complete the race with Soft and Medium. Soft compound died in 9-10 laps, but medium we could do 15 laps. It was difficult in the last laps of the stint, but i think it was realistic. What a final race with Raven! It was a shame that I spun in the last lap, but it was a nice battle!

  4. We will try different things over the test races to see what we can do with the rear tyres, but some seem to be coping better than others and we don’t want to take that away from them either. At the same time, the general concensus seems to be that softs are pretty useless and it would be nice to find a solution that brings them more into play.

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