F1 Another Short Tourney: 20th, 21st January (Wed/Thu)


20th Jan – F138, 21st Jan – SF70H (all downloads are below)

Tracks – TBC on the night, see below

How it will work

  1. Approx 7pm (Euro time), 6pm (UK) I will go onto this site and pick the track for that evening – https://andrew.hedges.name/experiments/random/pickone.html
  2. I will then get 25 minutes to practise the track myself offline (if I cheat on this, I am indeed a very sad person!)
  3. I will announce the track at 7:50pm (Euro time), 6:50pm (UK) and provide an appropriate download link to the track if required.
  4. The server will open for 30 minutes practice at 8pm (Euro time), 7pm (UK). I will not be allowed to join you until the end. This is because I know from experience that I will spend most of this time myself “herding cats” onto the server, so just being fair on ME. This time needs to be used to get used to the car/track combo and tweak your setup, plus come up with a race/fuel strategy. Note, only the F2002 will allow refuelling.
  5. At 8:30pm (Euro time), 7:30pm (UK) we will start a 12 minute qualifying session.
  6. Then the race will commence.
  7. Races will be a third distance with wear/fuel at 3x. Tyre choices TBC.
  8. 3pts Winner, 2pts Second, 1pt Third. This aspect of things is really not important, but we need some kind of goal.


F138:    Car Available Here (Red Pack)  Ferrari F138 FtF Physics (248 downloads)   Guidelines Here

SF70H:  Car Available here (Ferrari Pack)  SF70-H Physics (1223 downloads) SF70-H Skin Pack (1132 downloads)  Guidelines Here

Random Track selection from this string

Spa 15 laps, Japan 18 laps, Nurburgring 20 laps, Bahrain 19 laps, Interlagos 24 laps, Montreal 23 laps, Hockenheim 22 laps, Hungary 23 laps, Imola 21 laps, Monza 18 laps, RB Ring 24 laps, Paul Ricard 18 laps, Melbourne 19 laps, Barcelona 22 laps, Brands Hatch 24 laps, Silverstone 17 laps, Mugello 20 laps, Road America 16 laps, Sepang 19 laps

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