F138 Guidelines

Car:  AC Red Pack

Our version of physics: Ferrari F138 FtF Physics (293 downloads)

1.1 Tyres

1.1.1 Ideal “running” pressures: 28 psi, all tyres/compounds.

1.1.2 Ideal running temperatures – within 10 degrees of :-

  • 100 – Supersofts
  • 105 – Softs
  • 110 – Mediums
  • 115 – Hards

2. Changelog (from original):-

  1. More compliant ride, the original is like a brick on wheels.
  2. Faster turn-in, especially low-speed.
  3. Tyre temperatures/performance/blistering/graining completely remodelled. Not as bad as real-life, but you do have to get the tyres in range now (see above). Balanced wear front-rear.
  4. Remodelled rear slip coefficients to make tank-slappers both more violent and yet more catchable at the same time. Has improved FFB a lot, but also made throttle control more delicate – you have to show this car some respect!
  5. Aero/drag completely revamped, there’s now a big trade off between “more wing-more drag” and “less wing-less drag”.
  6. Higher top speed, not so “asthmatic”.
  7. Stability over kerbs improved (although it wasn’t that bad in the first place).
  8. Pit times all reduced.
  9. Aligned all the suspension & aero scales with one-another.
  10. Changed default setup so it feels good without any adjustment.
  11. Raised underside collider so that it’s easier to steer on grass and get out of gravel.
  12. Modernised braking behaviour.