Career League – Event 1 – Los Arcos & Zandvoort

Welcome to the first event of the Career League. Check out the sign up post to see what it’s all about!

You’re still in school and Formula 1 is just a pipe dream, where you watch your heros on the TV at the weekend. Hey, everyone has to start somewhere right?

Round 1: You’ve just about scraped enough dosh from your minimum wage paying paper-round to buy the most basic of basic go-karts. Like the one you tried at a birthday party when you were 12.

Round 2: Now you’re broke again. Nice one kiddo. You persuade your mom to lend you her Mazda MX5 so you can “visit some friends”. They just happen to live out by the dunes west of Amsterdam…

Downloads: Go-Karts (860 downloads) and Kart_Circuit_Los-Arcos (501 downloads)


  • All assists are allowed
  • 0% damage modifier
  • Ballast will be added after Round 1: 1st-60kg, 2nd-40kg and 3rd-20kg

Round 1: Los Arcos – Gokart 50cc and 250

  • 2 x 4 lappers, 2 x 5 lappers
  • Race 2 and 4 are reverse grid from the previous top 10
# Driver CarBest Time Pts
1 BladeMaster 25
2 puluminati 18
3 Storm_Cloud 15
4 YuckierDragon 12
5 Kost Church 10
6 Rhobium 8
7 Albano Pensionisti 6

Round 2: Zandvoort – Mazda Miata

  • 2 x 5 lappers
  • Race 2 is reverse grid from the previous top 10
# Driver CarBest Time Pts
1 Storm_Cloud 25
2 Rhobium 18
3 coret3x 15
4 BladeMaster 12
5 puluminati 10
6 YuckierDragon 8
7 Kost Church 6

6 thoughts on “Career League – Event 1 – Los Arcos & Zandvoort

  1. I recorded some of the races, some fun moments (and chat)

    [sorry about the flickering here, nvidia sucks]

  2. I thought it was a fun event on the whole. Nice to get back to the sprint racing we used to enjoy in the olden days of flag-to-flag :)

    Go-karts were a bit tricky but all the races were action packed and very close. The mazda got a lot more strung out, I guess that’s inevitable since you need a lot more precision to drive it fast, but I actually really liked the car. Some great drifting!

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