AC FW31 League – Chinese GP

Shanghai – 28 Laps

Replay: FW31 China GP Replay (387 downloads) | Track Mod: AC FtF Shanghai Track (v1.01)

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Emil Praga Rennteam (Williams)01:36.590 46:16.658 25
2 Storm_Cloud Toro Rosso21:36.283 +17.194 18
3 Jan Frajbis VGP Racing (Ferrari)01:37.651 +37.792 15
4 BobbyDeacs McLaren Locomotive (McLaren)21:37.013 +38.440 12
5 Jakkinen VGP Racing (Ferrari)11:37.075 +41.054 10
6 erodo 11:37.157 +45.165 8
7 The_Pazman 11:41.511 +2 Laps 6
8 Waffen 11:38.996 DNF (+15L) 0

We have updated the tyre physics for the VRC FW31 slightly, to help avoid incidents on lap 1. If you have already downloaded the dropbox data.acd from the PM I sent out, then you don’t need to re-download this, but you might want to re-install the skin pack as those “disgusting looking tyres” (you know which ones I mean) have been removed:

Physics only: AC VRC Williams FW31 Physics Update

Skins+Physics: AC Williams FW31 Physics & Skins

Physics changes – The tyres will have more grip at the start of a stint and also feel a bit more secure when they start to slide – therefore slightly more stable when cars touch wheel-to-wheel. Otherwise, the car is unchanged.

4 thoughts on “AC FW31 League – Chinese GP

  1. Couple of fun fights, but my PC froze on lap 17; luckily it was still accepting wheel inputs so when it woke up I wasn’t in the wall, so only lost 8 seconds. At least I wasn’t near anyone at the time.

    • Well that’s one upside to Tilkedromes I never considered: if your PC freezes the chance of crashing is a bit less :P

  2. Pleased with my pace, defo not Captain Slow in this car. My race craft on the other hand – very naive driving! 3rd was more than in the bag. At least we seemed to have a couple of bunches to keep it interesting.

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