AC FW31 League – Belgian GP

Spa – 22 Laps

Replay: FW31 Belgian GP Replay (549 downloads)


# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Emil Praga Rennteam (Williams)01:46.980 39:57.608 25
2 Shayan Najam Rennteam (Williams)01:46.750 +18.693 18
3 Raven Apex Squad (Red Bull)11:48.119 +23.811 15
4 Jan Frajbis VGP Racing (Ferrari)11:48.288 +31.776 12
5 Waffen 11:48.244 +42.378 10
6 Storm_Cloud Toro Rosso41:48.844 +43.577 8
7 coret3x Apex Squad (Red Bull)01:48.224 +43.944 6
8 piotrBellamy Toro Rosso01:48.058 +51.110 5
9 Marcelinho 91:47.115 +51.650 4
10 Ton van Egmond Prawn Crackers (Brawn)61:48.675 +50.531 3
11 Jakkinen VGP Racing (Ferrari)61:49.197 +56.897 2
12 Luca D'Amelio IPS (Renault)01:48.924 +1:12.646 1
13 BobbyDeacs McLaren Locomotive (McLaren)41:47.917 +1:12.746 0
14 Tolomb 31:49.042 +1:35.168 0
15 toolo4sno Force India21:47.913 +1:36.450 0
16 CMR_18 Prawn Crackers (Brawn)51:49.171 DNF (+6L) 0
17 The_Pazman 31:52.117 +1 Lap 0
18 Frusty Force India31:52.663 DNF (+14L) 0

Again we have no clear pit entry line defined, so the normal pit entry rules will NOT be implemented. You may speed in at will, although it’s close to impossible here without cutting over the grass – which is not permitted.

Can Spa live up to the action from race 1?

Important Note:- VRC have released a new version of this car on RaceDepartment. It installs as a different car, so the current car does not get overwritten. By all means, go ahead and download this car and do some testing BUT….WE WILL STILL BE USING THE SAME VERSION OF THE FW31 THAT WE USED LAST WEEK AT THE NÜRBURGRING FOR THE RACE AT SPA.

We will take a view on using the new VRC car (with or without KERS) for Monza.

14 thoughts on “AC FW31 League – Belgian GP

  1. I’m sorry I dropped out. I got horrible framedrops once again. And after my first pitstop it only refueled but didnt change my tires which made it all worse. I will try again at Monza(might not be there) or India, if the framedrop issue continues I’ll be dropping out this league and give u guys a fair chance to win :D (jk)

    • I guess you’ll need to lower your graphics settings (if they can go any lower :P) – when there’s lots of people in the race it’s more demanding especially on the CPU.

    • Yea I’ve been here before, I think it’s about the lowest I can go. I had no problems on the quick parts (Eau Rouge, Kemmel straight, Blanchimont) but corners like Rivage or the last chicane were horrific to drive.

      I thought it was all good since I had no problems at all at the mini-games. I will continue my search for a fix for this.

    • Is your graphics card getting hot – I just had to clear all my filters etc that the fans were blowing through?
      There’s overclocking, if you’re brave – which I am not personally.

    • I’ve checked this before, you must know that my pc will be turning 7 years old this May and that my graphics card is the GeForce GT630.

      When I’m alone in the server or theres a few other peeps I don’t have any problems at all but an 18fielder is deadly for me. I also don’t have problems at other events in AC(with slower cars like the minigames) or other games(DiRT Rally, payday 2) that I play.

    • I have had this problem for almost 2 years. Basicly since i started playing ac and joined ftf. Iam playing on a 4year old laptop which has problems staying cool. Just like you said when the track has alot of other drivers, you wil get insane frame drops. The fix for me was buying a laptop cooling platform:D my laptop is stable now.

    • How do u drive your car Storm? That’s sick. And yea should upgrade my graph card but I don’t know if my pc can handle it, i should do some research

  2. Looks like it was another fairly epic race and with fewer lagged incidents than last week. Great effort especially from the new guys who seemed to all want to do things the right way. Given that my first few laps put me back in the field, it meant I was able to race with most of them first hand.

    Also interesting to see a 1-stopper actually working well plus a mixture of people who sacrificed a little bit of laptime in exchange for better overtaking with lower wing settings.

    Had some good tussles with Cameron & Toolo and an epic chase at the end with Hunter!

    • Lots of fun to watch and some awesome battles. Ton vs Piotr and Marcelinho vs Jakkinen were my favourites. And BMW power :P

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