OK guys, I’ve been chatting with one of the key guys at Trout and there’s something I did for them a while back that never got used, but maybe WE can pioneer it:-

Basically, we all start off the season with our own “team” copy of each car and they are all identical (I might make these a teeny bit slower than our current one).

Then after every race, each team gets to pick one “upgrade” package per member that completed the race – so max 2 upgrades per team.

We’ll keep it simple, so the choices will be to upgrade –
1. Aero (Downforce)
2. Suspension (Traction/mechanical grip)
3. Engine Unit (Power)
4. Electrical (MGU-K efficiency)
5. Engine Efficiency (Fuel consumption)

They will be small increments and I will do my utmost to make them identical in terms of performance advantage on a “neutral-handling” track.

This will require some intelligent decision making by the teams or even their team manager if it gets serious in-between races.

Firstly, do you like this idea?

Secondly, is there anyone out there willing to take the admin job on ‘cos, as I’m often told, this is too much of a one man show? If so, let yourself be known to me.

The responsibilities would be:-

1. Getting the upgrade requests from each team.
2. Some file-swapping in the vehicle data which I will make very simple.
3. Recreating each upgraded car’s data.acd (very simple task).
4. Distributing the changes.
5. Updating the data.acds on the server.

That’s it, I do the rest with the help of my stewarding team. Come one, this is our last chance to do something great with this league


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