The Trout Challenge!


Event details:-

  • Silverstone – FtF versus Troutracing
  • Join “Discord” voice chat and practice on server any time before event starts – 19:30 UK (20:30 Europe). Please use Push-to-talk.
  • 3x practice starts. 20 min qualifying. 52 lap (100%) race starting on C3 (Softs) and with enough fuel to finish.
  • We have 28 slots available of of which we will reserve 1 for the Streamer (hopefully Kilgore) and a minimum of 14 for our guests – we can raise the other 13! We will be giving preference to our current active members and those who have supported us most in the past.

Tyres available: C3, C2, C1 (Softs, Mediums, Hards). Temps: Air 20 degs (+/-3) Track +8 degs (+/-3)

Downloads for this event:

  1. ACRL DRS App (1578 downloads)  AC FtF Rules App (v4.2, 1165 downloads) AC F1 Safety car (1143 downloads) KMR App (167 downloads)
  2. RSS 2019 FtF Version (743 downloads)
  3. AC Silverstone 32 pit boxes (140 downloads)
  4. RSS 2019 Skins (614 downloads)

What you need to know (this is mainly for the benefit of the Trout guys):-

The apps:-

  • All the apps above are compulsory along with Helicorsa or an equivalent. Trout version of DRS is same as ours.

The car (more info here) :-

  • Your current setups will work fine with the brake balance moved forward by 1%. You may also wish to experiment with slightly lower downforce.
  • Handling – the back end follows the front more than the stock car, so you will find it turns-in sharper at Copse & Stowe. It feels like it has more traction, but it hasn’t so watch out when the tyres start to go.
  • ERS – Eco mode will see you good for the race along with the odd extra dab of KERS or swapping to Low/Medium modes. It doesn’t just “run out of juice” like the stock car does, but it is still very tight here.
  • Tyre pressures are restricted, so it’s not possible to pump up the front left to 22 degrees to get it to work – you will just have to suffer along with the majority.

The race:-

  • Grip at start of quali will be 97%. The race will begin with a small level of rubbering-in from quali and end on 100% grip.
  • “Return to pits” is allowed after quali hotlaps, but not in race.
  • Watch out for the air & track temps before the race starts, there is a variation in air & track temperature of 6 degrees each. ie: The air temps could be as low as 17 degrees or as high as 23 and the track will be anything from 22 to 34. Higher temps will favour the hards, lower temps will ease the pressure on the softs, so this could affect your race strategy.
  • The race starts on SOFT tyres, that is the ONLY tyre/pitting restriction we have.
  • FtF tyre degs are much higher than the Trout league and blistering/graining are also more significant (you will actually feel this as vibration through a decent FFB wheel), so it will be borderline 1 or 2 stops, depending on how you manage the temperatures.
  • You will need between 120 & 140 litres of fuel, depending on driving style, recovery & deployment levels.
  • Pit speeding rules will NOT be enforced, but you must stay within the pit entry & exit lanes.
  • The “KMR app” is compulsory and manages things like auto-restarts after pile-ups on Lap 1 etc. It has lots of other nice features which I’ll let you get to know yourself. The main thing is to ensure that the “Server link” and “Voice” parts of the app are enabled on the right in-game.
  • During the race, the KMR app may also introduce the VSC. When this happens it is important to quickly get your speed down below 150kph (93mph), then maintain speed as close to this limit as possible. If it tells you you’ve got a drive-through penalty for speeding, you must carry this out or it will kick you from the race.

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