AC SF15-T League – Malaysian GP

Race Video:

Replay: SF15-R3-Malaysia-replay (344 downloads)

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 Raven Rennteam (Toro Rosso)61:37.780 46:40.382 25
2 Jan Frajbis Haas31:37.160 +3.763 18
3 Shayan Najam Rennteam (Toro Rosso)21:37.154 +7.198 15
4 xNinja Teenage Ninja Tortoise (Renault) 61:37.942 +24.515 12
5 Ton van Egmond Fake Marussia Dudes (Manor)11:38.887 +38.416 10
6 Emil Praga Ferrari Wanna Bees (Ferrari)41:38.190 +55.209 8
7 YuckierDragon Ferrari Wanna Bees (Ferrari)11:39.157 +1:02.974 6
8 jestes2448 51:39.263 +1:14.883 5
9 BobbyDeacs Teenage Ninja Tortoise (Renault) 21:40.934 +1:39.649 4
10 Storm_Cloud Mercedes61:37.560 DNF (16L) 0
11 Rhobium Not Enough G-Force (Williams)11:39.135 DNF (14L) 0
12 Barcelona 31:38.694 DNF (10L) 0
13 Hellas Panos Freestylers (Sauber)101:39.894 DNF (6L) 0

Unfortunately, we saw a lot of reprimands for corner cutting and cutting the pit exit line at Valencia.

Consequently, we have decided to tighten the penalty thresholds:

  • 4 cuts: reprimand
  • 7 cuts: 1 position penalty
  • 10 cuts: 2 position penalty
  • 13+ cuts: larger penalty or DSQ.

Although this shouldn’t affect most of you, we hope this will make our league races even fairer. As ever, full details can be found on our Stewarding System page.

Do remember to put the rules app on your screen so you can see if you are about to get a warning. We review cuts on the replay so if you slow down after a cut we will remove it.

One thought on “AC SF15-T League – Malaysian GP

  1. Bit of action from the race start:

    Apologies for retiring, was hurting too much. Credit though to everyone who did finish the race, that’s what we like to see :)

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