AC FW31 League – Spanish GP

Catalunya – 33 Laps

Replay: FW31 Spanish GP Replay (406 downloads)

Race Video:

# Driver TeamGridBest Time Pts
1 erodo 01:21.697 46:31.562 25
2 CMR_18 Prawn Crackers (Brawn)01:22.228 +8.461 18
3 Storm_Cloud Toro Rosso31:22.461 +11.543 15
4 Jan Frajbis VGP Racing (Ferrari)11:22.873 +20.478 12
5 Jakkinen VGP Racing (Ferrari)01:23.217 +1 Lap 10
6 coret3x Apex Squad (Red Bull)2 DNF (+33L) 0

4 thoughts on “AC FW31 League – Spanish GP

  1. So grateful you guys could at least get together and see the season off this weekend.

    I never lost my enthusiasm, simply have had issues with a “life” that starts around 7pm on a Friday and ends the same time on a Sunday. This will be fixed next season!

    Looks like some still had a great race and look forward to putting together the final video.

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