AC F2002 League – R8 German GP – Cancelled

We have decided to end the F2002 League. The main reason is that the latest Assetto Corsa update screwed up the car – even with a setup fix, it changed the car characteristics significantly.

So, congratulations to Emil Praga on his first FtF championship win! Well done also to YuckierDragon and Waffen as The Flatspotters took the team championship.

Once we get our servers back up running, we plan to schedule our first test race for the next season this Saturday at Hockenheim with the SF15-T car. More info will follow.

3 thoughts on “AC F2002 League – R8 German GP – Cancelled

  1. This is always the risk with running mods…
    Nevertheless, congratulations to Emila Praga and The Flatspotters on winning the championships

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